A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other chapter 2964

“How can this place be inhabited?”

Kai had a puzzled look on his face, but he still slowly walked towards that thatched hut!

Only, Kai walked very slowly and used his divine sense to envelop the thatched hut!

Although smoke was rising, Kai did not feel any breath inside the hut!

When Kai reached the door, he slowly opened it and found that there was no one inside the hut at all, but a few steaming dishes on a long wooden table!

The fire was still burning inside the cooker on the side, and the pot was still steaming!

This scene instantly reminded Kai of his own childhood!

Back home, they all used these earthen stoves!

But no one used thatch to build their houses anymore, this was true in the secular world, how could anyone still live here alone in this celestial world where everyone cultivated immortality!

“It smells so good ……”

Kai approached and looked at the meal and actually got a feeling of hunger!

To know that to his level of cultivator, is not in feel hungry, even eating is just to taste the taste!

But when faced with the food in front of him, Kai felt a hunger that he had not felt for a long time!

Kai wanted to eat, but in the end he stopped!

Kai then took a look around the room and found a number of books on a bookshelf in the corner!

Kai went up and took a look, and was astonished to find that all these books were all kinds of gongfu treasures!

At the bottom of the bookshelf, there were all kinds of treasures!

How could there be so many treasures and gong methods in a small thatched hut?

Kai was dumbfounded for a moment!

Kai reached out to put those gongfa and treasures into his own storage ring, but in the end, he stopped!

“Is anyone there? Is anyone there?”

Kai shouted, then walked out of the thatched hut and looked around!

“What kind of person? Suddenly barging into my place and entering my house privately ……”

At that moment a voice rang out, followed by an old man with a hunched back and white hair who appeared from nowhere!

Kai had clearly looked around and couldn’t even see a single figure, and even his divine sense couldn’t sense anyone was there!

But now, this old man had appeared in front of Kai without any warning!

“Senior, junior Kai, I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve come here!”

“If I have disturbed you, please forgive me senior ……”

Kai saw the old man and said very politely!

“Did you run into my house and steal my food?”

The old man asked with a serious face!

“Elder, I did not touch your meal, you can check it out.”

Kai hurriedly said!

“Then my gongfu treasures, have you touched them?”

The old man continued to ask.

“No, absolutely not!” Kai hurriedly shook his head and said!

The old man didn’t say anything, but walked into the thatched hut, and Kai followed suit!

The old man looked at the meal on the table, and then at his gongfu treasures, before he smiled faintly!

“Sit down, it seems that Heaven’s Will has made the right choice ……”

The old man said with a faint smile!

Kai was dumbfounded, confused as to what the old man was talking about, but he obediently sat down opposite the old man!

“These meals, they are carefully made by me, how about you try my handiwork?”

After Kai sat down, the old man said with a smile!

Kai couldn’t refuse, so he picked up his chopsticks and slowly tasted them!

“En, it tastes very good, senior’s cooking skills are really excellent.”

Kai complimented the old man!

The old man smiled lightly “If you like to eat, then eat more, these meals will be good for you.”

Kai did not understand, he had passed the Purgatory, he would not be hungry even if he did not eat, so why did he need to eat these meals?

But the old man was kind, so Kai could only eat, after all the rice did taste good!


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