A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2963

“It’s really strange, there’s nothing special about this white fog and it’s not poisonous, so how can it block divine sense?”

Kai frowned!

“Whatever, let’s just go in and take a look ……”

Ji Yun said and walked straight into the white fog!

“This fog is so thick, without divine sense to explore the path, it’s really hard to move an inch ……”

Ji Yun, who walked into the white fog, said aloud.

Seeing Ji Yun walk in, Kai then followed suit!

When the others saw this, they followed!

“Everyone stay close, don’t get lost again, or else there’s no way to use your divine sense to probe, and it’ll be hard to find if you get lost!”

Kai admonished loudly!

The crowd all nodded, then slowly groped their way forward!

Right now they could only move forward with their senses, there was no way to see the path!

“Ji Yun, Ji Yun …………”

After walking for a while, Kai found that he never saw Ji Yun who had entered first, so he shouted out loud.

But Kai shouted several times, but no one answered at all!

“Old Sun, Old Sun ……”

Kai turned his head and found that the crowd that was following behind him was also missing, so he shouted out loud

No matter how much Kai shouted, not a single person responded to him!

This made Kai’s brow furrowed tightly!

Kai had no choice but to keep walking forward, but soon, he found a purple hammer, floating in the middle of this white fog.

Seeing this, Kai was filled with astonishment, he could tell at a glance that this hammer was made of purple star stone and was extremely heavy in weight, just this one hammer could be estimated to be several thousand pounds!

But this several thousand pounds weapon, floating in this thick white fog, was obviously abnormal!

Kai reached out and grabbed the purple hammer and punched his divine sense into it, he wanted to see who this hammer belonged to!

Could he find a familiar aura from this weapon!

But the purple hammer looked as if no one had ever used it, there was not a single trace of the aura of someone else’s use!

Kai was puzzled, and with a gentle release of his palm, the hammer once again floated in mid-air!

“Strange, it’s so strange, is there something odd about this white mist?”

Kai could not figure out what was odd about this white mist.

If this white mist was poisonous, Kai would have sensed it long ago!

Soon, as Kai continued to walk, he found more and more weapons floating in mid-air!

There were knives, swords, all sorts of weapons!

And these weapons were of different grades too!

Looking at the weapons floating in mid-air, Kai’s suspicions deepened, so he opened his storage ring and took out his own Dragon Cutting Sword!

As Kai held the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, a huge force suddenly began to pull Kai, as if it was fighting for the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand!

This force was so great that Kai tried his best, but he couldn’t catch it. The Dragon Cutting Sword came out of his hand and floated in mid-air, just like the other weapons!

Seeing this, Kai leapt up and grabbed the Dragon Slashing Sword with a firm grip, and with a flash of his mind, he let the Dragon Slashing Sword enter his storage ring!

Only when he had put the Dragon Cutting Sword away did Kai let out a long sigh of relief!

If he had lost the Dragon Cutting Sword, Kai would probably hate himself to death!

If he lost it, he would never see Zhong Li again!

Kai dared not experiment, so he quickened his pace, and soon the fog around him slowly faded!

The fog disappeared and Kai saw towering peaks on either side with lush green trees!

And looking forward down this valley, he saw a thatched hut, which was actually smoking, and it seemed that someone was living there!


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