A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2961

“Kid, you’re too crazy, how dare you talk to my father like that, are you looking for death!”

“Do you know that my father is now at the peak of the ninth rank of the Harmonious Body Realm, crushing you is like crushing an ant!”

“Even if all of you are also of the seventh or eighth rank of the Harmonious Body Realm, what can you do? My father would have annihilated you all by himself.”

Ning Can cursed and scolded towards Kai!

“Seeking death ……”

Kai snorted coldly and casually swung his hand towards Ning Can!

With this casual wave of Kai’s hand, a crackling sound instantly rang out in the air!

Immediately afterwards, an arc of electricity struck Ning Can’s body directly!

“Dare to touch my son ……”

Ning Cai Chen’s brow furrowed as he grabbed towards Ning Chan, pulling him behind himself, and then swung out with a palm, following Kai with a surprisingly direct match!

One had to know that Kai was only a fourth rank of the Harmony Realm, while Ning Caishen was a peak cultivator of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm!

The difference in strength between the two was not even a little bit!

Kai would have been killed in an instant if he had faced Ning Cai Chen with a single palm!

Boom …………

With a muffled sound, the two people’s strengths instantly collided together!

Because they had struck in haste, Ning Cai Chen had not used his full strength, while Kai had also taken a casual swing, and had not used his full strength either!

After their power collided, Kai’s body swayed twice and finally took a step back!

Although Ning Cai Chen didn’t move, his palm had a tingling sensation, as if it had been struck by an electric current!

Looking at Kai, who had only taken a small step back, Ning Cai Chen’s eyes were filled with surprise and confusion!

He didn’t understand how Kai, a fourth-ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, could possibly have such strength to block his own palm!

Even if he hadn’t used his full strength, Kai, a fourth ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, would have to fly out, and even if he didn’t die, he would probably be seriously injured!

But now, looking at Kai, it was as if he was fine!

“Fuck you …………”

Ning Can was filled with rage and was about to swear at Kai, but he was stopped by Ning Cai Chen!

Kai looked at Ning Cai Chen with a cold smile on his face and said “Do you still think that you will win with certainty?”

Ning Cai Chen did not make a sound, staring at Kai with a deadly stare, and then swept a glance at Gao Qisheng and Old Sun!

These people would obviously follow Kai and live and die together, and if they really did, these people would not escape alone!

In that case, the Ning Clan might not be able to win for sure!

Even if they did win, it would be a disastrous victory!

Ning Cai Chen knew that the purpose of his trip wasn’t to fight!

“Let’s go ……”

After a moment of hesitation, Ning Cai Chen waved his hand and prepared to lead the Ning family away!

“Dad, let’s …………”

“You shut up.”

Not waiting for Ning Can to finish, Ning Cai Chen gave him a fierce glare!

Soon, Ning Cai Chen led the Ning family to leave, and no longer pursued Kai for decapitating his three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles, nor did he snatch the three Heavenly Thunder Fruits from Kai’s body

Seeing the Ning family members leave, Kai and the others continued to start their journey, but the key to that treasure was in Kai’s hand, so Kai wasn’t in a big hurry!

It would be hard for those people to enter the treasure without the key!

During the journey, Kai swallowed the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle beast pills, and continued to use the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle beast pills to sense the thunderbolt origin aura, slowly the thunderbolt origin star within Kai’s origin space became brighter!

Kai’s perception of the thunderbolt origin aura was already very deep, so he absorbed it and perceived it much faster!

“I still have the Supreme Flame on me, I wonder if I can use this Supreme Flame to sense the Fire Origin, if I can sense the Fire Origin and absorb the Fire Origin Breath, that would be awesome!”

Kai secretly thought, after all, the more types of Origin Breath one could sense, the better!

After all, Kai knew very little about origin breaths!


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