A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2960

“Gentlemen, I am Gao Qisheng of the Gao family, I don’t care what you are, if you dare to move me here, I guarantee you won’t be able to walk out of this land in the far north.”

Gao Qisheng took two steps forward and said to Ning Caishen!

“The Gao family?” Ning Caishen frowned, he had heard of the Gao Clan!

After all, in the Land of the Far North, the Gao Family was considered the largest family, the most powerful.

“Duke Gao, even if you’re from the Gao family, but you killed our Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk, this matter can’t be dismissed, can it?”

Ning Caishen said to Gao Qisheng!

“Whatever compensation you want, my Gao Clan will definitely grant it to you!”

Gao Qisheng said!

They could all see that Ning Caishen’s strength had reached the peak of the ninth rank of the Combined Body realm, and among them all, no one was a match!

There was no one whose realm was higher than Ning Caishen’s!

“My compensation is simple, this brat called Kai has three Heavenly Thunder Fruits in his possession, as long as he gives me the Heavenly Thunder Fruits, I will immediately take my men away, and these three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles will be considered killed for nothing!”

Ning Cai Chen said as he pointed at Kai!

He saw that Kai was only a fourth-ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, and among these people, Kai was the one with the lowest realm, so Ning Cai Chen thought that Kai was just a small follower among these people!

He didn’t know that Kai was the leader of the group, and that all these people had to obey Kai’s words!

When Gao Qisheng heard this, he looked at Kai, how could he dare to be the master of Kai’s affairs!

And Kai looked at Ning Caishen, he knew that Ning Caishen must have taken the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, otherwise it would be impossible for him to jump from the eighth rank of the Combined Body Realm to the peak of the ninth rank of the Combined Body Realm in such a short time!

“You want my Heavenly Thunder Fruits?” Kai said with a faint smile!

“Not bad!” Ning Cai Chen nodded!

“Unfortunately, I ate the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, and even if I didn’t, I won’t give it to you, so what can you do?”

Kai said with a cold smile! <br>
“Damn it, you’re looking for death aren’t you?”

Ning Can was furious when he saw that Kai dared to speak to his own father like that!

Ning Cai Chen looked at Kai with his eyes slightly fixed, and then said to the others, “Fellow Daoists, I have a personal grudge with this kid, so I hope you won’t interfere.”

“As long as you leave now, I promise not to hurt you all ……”

Ning Cai Chen wanted the others to leave Kai, after all, Ning Cai Chen didn’t want to offend the Flying Heaven Clan and the Gao family!

Not to mention that there were several Combined Body realm eighth grade cultivators in here, so if they really had to fight, even if they, the Gao Clan, could win, I’m afraid it would be a disastrous victory!

So Ning Cai Chen only wanted to deal with Kai and take out the Heavenly Thunder Fruit from Kai!

In his opinion, there was no way these people would come and fight with their Ning Clan for the sake of a tiny cultivator like Kai!

But as soon as Ning Cai Chen’s words left his mouth, Old Sun instantly roared, “What kind of personal grudge are you trying to seize?”

“We’re not leaving, we’re fighting with Brother Chen!”

“Mr. Chen is a guest of my Gao family, no matter what kind of grudge you have, my Gao family is always on Mr. Chen’s side.” Gao Qiqiang said!

When Ning Cai Chen saw this, he was a little confused for a moment, he didn’t understand why these people would treat a small cultivator of the fourth rank of the Combined Body realm with such respect!

“You’re just the peak of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm right now, and these people you’ve brought along are just the seventh or eighth rank of the Harmony Realm.”

“If we fight, do you think you will win with certainty?”

“You still want my Heavenly Thunder Fruit, what a joke, not only will I kill your Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle now, I will also make you all bleed, or else you will think that I am easy to bully!”

Kai said as he looked coldly at Ning Cai Chen!

As soon as Kai’s words left his mouth, the Gao family, Old Sun and Ji Yun all instantly took up their positions, looking as if they would fight to the death!

This time, Kai had instantly put Ning Cai Chen in his place!


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