A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2959

“Dad, look, there’s someone …………”

Ning Can said as he pointed at Kai and the others not far away!

When Ning Cai Chen saw that there were people in front of them, he also frowned and looked tense, after all, the cultivators who came here were all running for the treasure!

“Mr. Chen, look, someone is coming over ……”

Gao Qisheng also spotted the Ning Clan crowd at this time!

Kai raised his eyes and a huge divine sense instantly enveloped towards those people!

Although it was rude for strangers to use their divine sense to probe each other for no reason, in this vast snowy plain, everything had to be done carefully!

Kai wanted to see what the other party was and what realm of strength they were in, if the other party was high in strength, they could run away before they touched each other now!

But right after Kai’s divine sense enveloped the Ning family, he frowned and said “It’s them? How did they come here?”

Kai instantly sensed that it was Ning Cai Chen and the others, after all, he had already come into contact with them, and Kai still knew Ning Cai Chen’s aura!

Ning Caishen also felt that the other party was probing him with divine sense, and his face was slightly angry as he said, “Get ready for battle ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get ready for a fight, and then walk towards Kai and the others!

When Ning Cai Chen and the others approached, that Ning Can instantly saw the corpses of three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles on the ground!

“Damn it, so it was you who killed our Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, looking for death aren’t you?”

Ning Can roared angrily, and had the Ning Clan crowd surround Kai and the others!

Ever since Ning Cai Chen had eaten the Heavenly Thunder Fruit and raised his realm to the peak of the ninth grade of the Combined Body realm, Ning Can had become a lot more rampant!

He felt that his old man had become invincible!

Ning Cai Chen, on the other hand, was looking at Kai with eyes full of hostility, he wasn’t full of hostility because his three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles had been killed, he was because of the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

Kai had taken three Heavenly Thunder Fruits from the Heavenly Thunder Tree in the Eagle King’s Cave at that time!

Seeing that Kai was only a fourth grade cultivator at the Harmonious Body realm now, he guessed that the three Heavenly Thunder Fruits had not yet been eaten, and if they were still in Kai’s possession, then the value of those three Heavenly Thunder Fruits would not be any less than that Ice Pill Pill!

If he could get his hands on the three Heavenly Thunder Fruits, it wouldn’t matter whether he found the treasure or not!

“People from the Ning Family, I didn’t expect you guys to come here too!”

At this moment, Ji Yun stepped forward and looked at Ning Cai Chen and Ning Can and said!

Ning Can took a look at Ji Yun and said “Who are you?”

“I am Ji Yun, the Young Patriarch of the Flying Sky Sect ……”

Ji Yun introduced himself!

“So you’re the Young Master of the Flying Sky Sect, how come you’re hanging out with these people?”

Ning Cai Chen asked to Ji Yun!

“They’re all my friends.”

“Master Ning Clan, the matter of killing your Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk was a misunderstanding, if you need compensation, when I return to the Flying Sky Clan, I will make sure that your Ning Clan is satisfied.”

Ji Yun said to Ning Cai Chen!

The Flying Sky Clan had money, so Ji Yun was rich and generous!

“Whether it’s a misunderstanding or not, I’m going to settle a score today.”

“You’d better hide away, Sir Ji ……”

Ning Caixin said coldly!

Ji Yun frowned “Master Ning, can you give me face, I …………”

“No, you give it, get out of my way or I’ll even clean you up!”

Ning Can said cursingly!

Now the Ning Family was extraordinary, Ning Cai Chen was already at the peak strength of the ninth rank of the Combined Body realm, plus the old ancestor had come to life, so the Ning Family was no longer the Ning Family of old!

Ning Can had also swelled up and didn’t even put the Flying Sky Clan in his sights!

“You …………” Ji Yun was furious, but there was nothing he could do!

Their Flying Sky Clan was mainly a transport-based, semi-commercial clan of sorts, so they certainly weren’t too strong!

Now that the Ning Family was not giving face, Ji Yun had no temper at all!


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