A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2958

Kai faced a thunderbolt and did not panic in the slightest, but instead his hands were the same and those thunderbolts seemed to be attracted and instantly converged into Kai’s hands!

Immediately afterwards, this thunderbolt of power transformed into a thunder gun, and there were arcs of electricity nudging on the entire gun!

Kai then violently threw the spear in his hand towards the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles!


The lances instantly burst apart after they got close to the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles, turning into thousands of arcs of electricity that spread in all directions!

The Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles were already carrying the power of lightning, so they were not reasonably afraid of these arcs, but when they burst, the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles actually cried out strangely and retreated backwards!

The three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles’ eyes were full of fear, they seemed to be very afraid of the thunder and lightning power that Kai threw out!

The three bloodthirsty thunder eagles flashed their wings and after a frightened glance at Kai, they actually turned around and were about to flee!

They knew that they were simply no match for Kai!

“Want to run?”

The corners of Kai’s mouth lifted slightly, if he were to let the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles run away, wouldn’t that be a disgrace!

A tiny arc of electricity appeared above Kai’s right palm, followed by a crackling sound as it grew larger and larger!

Kai pushed his palm forward, and several bolts of lightning struck the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles with the speed of a thunderbolt!

The three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles didn’t even have time to scream, before the lightning force knocked them down!

“This thunderbolt origin breath is really good ……”

There was some surprise on Kai’s face, after all, this was his first time using his Origin Breath!

Seeing Kai kill three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles that were already flying high with a flick of his hand, everyone acted shocked!

Kai walked over and looked at the corpses of the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles, before asking Ji Yun to take out the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle’s beast pellet!

This Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle’s beast pellet could be of great help to Kai in perceiving the lightning origin aura!

“Brother Chen, this thunderbolt power of yours is too awesome ……”

Old Sun stepped forward and said with a face full of shock!

He didn’t know that Kai already possessed Origin Space and had sensed the lightning origin aura!

Kai was also very pleased with himself!

It seemed that his perception of the lightning origin breath had reached a certain height, for as he was looking at the lightning power emanating from those Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles, Kai’s Origin Space had a strange movement.

With the help of the lightning origin breath, Kai could actually control the lightning power, in that case, if the other party tried to use normal lightning power against Kai, instead of being successful, they would be used by Kai!

“I wonder, when I encounter that Thunder Eagle King, will I be able to control his thunderbolt power?”

Kai actually had a feeling of anticipation at this moment, looking forward to running into the Thunder Eagle King, he wanted to see if he could control the thunderbolt power emitted by the Thunder Eagle King!

“Mr. Chen, you are truly remarkable, so remarkable ……”

At this moment, Gao Qisheng walked up to Kai and said with a face full of admiration!

“I was just lucky, if these three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles flew separately, I wouldn’t have been able to kill them in one hit!”

Kai said very modestly!

If the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles had flown in three different directions, Kai really wouldn’t have been able to kill all three of them with a single wave of his hand!

After all, the lightning origin breath he controlled was still too small to strike in multiple directions!

Just as Kai and the others were gathering the corpses of the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles, a group of people came slowly not far away from them!

“Dad, the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle is gone, why can’t we see it ……”

Ning Can looked up but didn’t find the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk’s shadow!

“It’s not possible that the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle has run away, right?”

A Ning family elder said!

“Impossible, that Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle will not run away once it has taken in and recognized its master.”

Ning Cai Chen shook his head and also looked around at the sky, then made a few strange noises, but still the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles were nowhere to be seen returning!


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