A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2957

“Look guys, just three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles, if it’s the Thunder Eagle King coming, those Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles are in a flock, how can there be only three?”

Kai knew that when he was in the Eagle King’s Cave, those Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles were all over the place, in flocks, and rarely did he see a few alone!

“Right, this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle just likes to move in groups, how come there are only three of them this time?”

Zuo Qing was also puzzled!

Soon, along with getting closer and closer, the crowd finally saw the ice bear monsters running on the ground!

It turned out that these three Bloodthirsty Thunder Hawks were hunting the Ice Bear Monsters!

When Gao Qisheng saw this, he was puzzled and said, “This Ice Bear Monster is at least at the sixth rank of the Harmony Realm, I think the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles you guys are talking about are only at the fourth rank of the Harmony Realm!”

“How come this Ice Bear Monster is so scared that it’s running away? What a f*cking disgrace to our Land of the Far North ……”

Gao Qiqiang didn’t know the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk, but he knew the Ice Bear Monster, which was obviously stronger, yet it fled in such a sorry state! m.yex✮❋iash✯✭uge.✳info

When they heard Gao Qisheng’s doubts, Ji Yun and Old Sun all laughed!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

Just as Kai’s words fell, he saw that three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles had already caught up with the Ice Bear Monster!

Rumble …………

Immediately afterwards a Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk instantly spewed out a lightning bolt from its mouth, viciously striking the front of the Ice Bear Monster!

Luckily, the Ice Bear Monster rushed to a halt and was not struck by the lightning bolt!

Right after the Ice Bear Monster stopped, the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles started to attack!

The thunderbolts kept attacking the Ice Bear!

The speed was extreme!

The Ice Bear Monster roared and waved its claws desperately to meet the lightning bolts.

With its thick skin and thick claws, it smashed the lightning bolts!

Seeing this, the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles spewed out a thunderbolt, which was then strung together to form a thunderbolt net!

The thunderbolt net then came directly towards the Ice Bear Monster!

This time, the Ice Bear Monster had no way to fight back and was instantly enveloped by the net of lightning, an arc of lightning struck its body and the Ice Bear Monster instantly fell to the ground!

Gao Qisheng who saw this scene instantly froze, this time he understood why the Ice Bear Monster was running for its life despite its high realm!

“Mr. Chen, this bloodthirsty thunder eagle’s thunderbolt, following the thunderbolt power in your body seems to be ah ……”

Gao Qisheng said!

After all, the lightning origin aura that Kai sensed on his body was sensed through the Heavenly Lightning Fruit, so of course it followed the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle much like it!

“The thunderbolt power in my body does follow this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle in the same way.”

Kai said!

“Then if Mr. Chen swallowed this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle’s beast elixir, wouldn’t the lightning power in his body be even stronger?”

Gao Qisheng hurriedly reminded!

“You’re right!” Kai nodded his head!

In fact, Kai had thought of this when he saw the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle!

He could use the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle’s beast dan to sense the origin aura of lightning once again, so that he would have more lightning origin aura within his origin space!

The reason why Kai hadn’t made a move was because he was watching to see if it was the Thunder Eagle King who had arrived!

If it was the Thunder Eagle King coming with the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles, then he would have to run for his life, so he wouldn’t have the time to care about these Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles!

But now, it seemed that the Thunder Eagle King should not have come, or else Kai would have sensed the aura of the Transmigration Realm long ago!

After the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles had put the Ice Bear Monster down, they began to cry and swoop down, heading straight for the Ice Bear Monster!

At that moment, Kai moved and quickly reached the Ice Bear Monster, grabbed it with one hand and gently threw it in front of Gao Qisheng and the others!

This Ice Bear Monster’s beast pellet was a very good resource, how could it be eaten by three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles, wouldn’t that be a waste!

Seeing that Kai had taken away the Ice Bear Monster, the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles immediately let out a cry, and then a thunderbolt erupted from their mouths, heading towards Kai!

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