A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2956

One could only see that these people were dressed in the same attire, and going above their heads, there were three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles circling constantly!

If Kai had seen these people, he would have been able to tell at a glance that these were all members of the Ning family!

The leader was none other than Ning Cai Chen, followed by Ning Cai Chen’s son, Ning Can!

At this moment, lightning was constantly flashing on Ning Cai Chen’s body. m❋.yexias✩hug❅e.i✳❃nfo

“Dad, the Heavenly Lightning Fruit is really good, you absorbed and refined one and surprisingly reached the peak of the ninth grade of the Combined Body realm, and you are about to break through to the transmigration stage.”

“And you possess the power of thunder and lightning in your body, even this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle has allowed you to tame three of them, truly remarkable!”

“Only, the old ancestor’s body hasn’t been able to recover, even after eating the Heavenly Lightning Fruit, it seems that the effect isn’t ideal.”

Ning Can kept patting his father on the back!

“The old ancestor is a transmigration cultivator, and it was because he failed to carry through the transmigration period that he fell, a single Heavenly Lightning Fruit, of course, won’t allow the old ancestor to recover.”

“But this time, we just need to find the treasure, I heard that there is an ice pellet inside, this ice pellet is what shapes the body and bones, when we give it to the old ancestor to eat, perhaps his body will recover.”

Ning Cai Chen followed Ning Can and explained!

He had picked two Heavenly Thunder Fruits in the Thunder Eagle Cave, both of which he had originally intended to give to the Ning Family’s Old Ancestor, but in the end Ning Cai Chen couldn’t hold back and secretly refined one himself!

It was this Heavenly Thunder Fruit that allowed Ning Cai Chen to leap from the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm to the peak of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm, just one step away from the Transmigration Realm!

If Kai had known that with one Heavenly Thunder Fruit, Ning Cai Chen could go from the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm to the peak of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm, he would probably have been furious!

He had absorbed the Ice Soul Fragment and the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, and had only just risen from the third to the fourth rank of the Harmony Realm!

And Ning Cai Chen had used the lightning power from the Heavenly Thunder Fruit he had absorbed to secretly take advantage of the fact that the Thunder Eagle King hadn’t returned to go to the Eagle King’s Cave and collect a few Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles!

If Ning Cai Chen didn’t have the thunderbolt power of the Heavenly Thunder Fruit on him, it would have been impossible to subdue the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles!

“Dad, look quickly, the Ice Bear Monster …………”

Ning Can was excited to see an Ice Bear Monster!

After all, it was his first time coming to a place like the Far North and seeing an ice bear monster for the first time!

Just as Ning Can was about to lead his men forward to hunt the Ice Bear Monster, Ning Cai Chen stopped Ning Can and then let out a shrill sound from his mouth!

Upon hearing this sound, the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles flew towards that Ice Bear Monster!

Ning Cai Chen was intending for the three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles to hunt the Ice Bear Monster, so that they could still conserve their strength so that they wouldn’t have the strength to compete with the others when they found the treasure!

The Ice Bear Monster seemed to have spotted the danger, and immediately let out a roar, followed by a quick run!

The three Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles were in hot pursuit.

The direction that the Ice Bear Monster was running in was actually towards Kai and the others!

“Mr. Chen, look, what’s that in the sky?”

Gao Qisheng suddenly pointed at the distant sky and asked Kai!

This was the extreme north, where it was cold, so flying birds in the sky were very rare!

Kai looked in the direction of Gao Qisheng’s finger, and soon discovered that what was flying in the sky was actually a Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle!

Seeing this, Kai’s face instantly turned ugly!

At this moment, Ji Yun and Old Sun had also spotted the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle!

“That’s a Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle, how could a Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle appear in this place?”

“Could it be that the Thunder Eagle King has come? Trouble ……”

“Bad, if the Thunder Eagle King is here, I think we’d better run away!”

Several people were speculating that it was the Thunder Eagle King who had come!

In fact, Kai also suspected that it was the Thunder Eagle King coming, after all, only he could control these Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles!

But soon, Kai realised that something was not right!


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