A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2955

“Xiao Sheng, don’t hurry up and meet Mr. Chen ……”

Gao Qixiang said to Gao Qixiang!

Gao Qisheng hurriedly got up and walked in front of Kai, his face full of reverence and deference, without the slightest hint of unruliness!

Gao Qiqiang knew that this younger brother of his had been shocked by the eleven lightning tribulations Kai had just made.

“Mr. Chen, this is my indisputable second brother ……”

Gao Qiqiang introduced!

Kai knew that the Fire Phoenix girls were captured by this Gao Qisheng, so he looked at Gao Qisheng with a little more coldness in his eyes!

Feeling the cold intent in Kai’s eyes, Gao Qisheng’s body slightly trembled, and then in front of Kai, he gave himself two fierce slaps and said “Mr. Chen, I was too foolish to make a move against Mr. Chen’s friends, I hope Mr. Chen won’t take offense!”

Seeing Gao Qisheng take the initiative to admit his mistake, Gao Qiqiang was very satisfied, after all, this younger brother of his was no longer a blind man! m❂.ye✳xi✼ashuge❆. ❆info


“The first thing you need to do is to tell Mr. Chen about the discovery of the treasure a few days ago!”

Gao Qiqiang said!

Gao Qisheng nodded and then followed Kai to talk in detail about the exposure of the treasure gate and then the grabbing of the key with the Demon Sealing Alliance!

“Demon Sealing Alliance?”

Kai was stunned, he hadn’t heard of this organization!

Seeing this, Gao Qiang hurriedly explained, “The Demon Sealing Alliance is a spontaneous organization of many cultivators who capture demon cultivators and then scavenge their resources and money to make a living.”

“This organization has now spread throughout the entire Celestial Realm, and many people have joined this organization.”

“Only, whether or not this Demon Sealing Alliance is truly capturing demon cultivators now, no one can say anymore, as many cultivators who have had problems following the Demon Sealing Alliance have been labeled as demon cultivators by them, and then seized resources and money, and then sealed up!”

Through Gao Qiqiang’s explanation, Kai had a general idea of this Demon Sealing Alliance organisation, which did not seem to be a good thing either.

“Then where is the entrance to the treasure? Now let’s rush over there ……”

Kai asked to Gao Qisheng!

“Mr. Chen, it’s been several days since then, so I guess those people have already entered the treasure.”

Gao Qisheng said.

“The real treasure key is in my hand, there is no way for them to open the treasure door, if that treasure is real, they can’t get in!”

Kai took out the key to his treasure!

When Gao Qisheng saw this, he became excited “That’s great, in that case, then I will take Mr. Chen to ……”

Kai nodded and then called for Ji Yun and Old Sun and the others!

Gao Qisheng also brought a few elders from the Gao family along with him!

Although Kai had already broken through, but he had only broken through to the fourth rank of the Harmonious Body realm, so he had to bring some more helpers!

Besides, from what Gao Qisheng had said, the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies of the Demon Sealing Alliance were all very strong!

Although Kai had a devil whip in his hand, it was effective against devil cultivators, but if he had to deal with ordinary cultivators, I guess that devil whip was not as good as the Dragon Cutting Sword!

On his way to the treasure, Kai kept on sensing the power of thunder and lightning, for this origin breath, Kai’s first contact with it was still somewhat new!

From time to time, Kai drew out the origin breath of thunder and lightning and waved it in his hand, watching an arc of lightning cross his palm, it was very exciting!

Kai had thought that by fusing this thunderbolt’s origin breath with his own Thunderbolt Palm, he would definitely be able to increase its power a lot!

However, the amount of origin breath he felt now was too small, so he guessed that he would not be able to experiment a few times before this amount of origin breath was exhausted!

While Kai and the others were rushing to the treasure site, there was also a group of people heading towards the treasure site!


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