A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2954

“Of course there is, there are actually some things that carry their own origin aura, just like the Heavenly Thunder Fruit you ate, it actually has the origin of thunder and lightning power within it.”

“Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to sense the origin aura of thunder and lightning easily.”

“There are also the demonic beasts in the far north, such as the Ice Spirit Beast. If you can kill the Ice Spirit Beast, you can absorb its beast pellet or eat its flesh and blood, you will have a chance of sensing the essence of ice.”

“Only that these are not 100% chance of perceiving, but it is much better than sitting at home and perceiving all kinds of origin aura, and many of them are also related to each person’s talent and strength.”

Gao Qiqiang explained in detail to Kai about the clan’s sense of origin breaths.

“Apart from this, are there other ways?”

Kai asked!

“There is another way, and that is to kill the cultivator who has the origin breath, as long as the other person’s soul is destroyed, then his origin breath will become a masterless origin, and others can absorb and refine it.”

“Except that it is very harsh, not to mention whether or not one has the ability to make a cultivator with an origin aura have their soul destroyed, and even if they do kill it, that origin aura will dissipate between heaven and earth.”

“Unless there are magic treasures or magic formations that can temporarily trap the dissipated origin breath and then quickly absorb and refine it, it’s really hard and difficult.”

“There is another way, and that is the ancient battlefield, in the past the God and Devil War had countless ancient battlefields, and the number of fallen cultivators was countless.”

“Some places because of the environment and geographical location, after these cultivators fell, the origin breath would gather there and didn’t manage to dissipate, and these origin breaths would become ownerless.”

“However, such places are also rare and hard to find, and even if they are found, this masterless origin breath is chaotic and therefore aggressive, if one is not strong enough, not only will they not be able to absorb and refine the origin breath, they are afraid that they will also fall there.”

“Therefore, this origin breath is very precious and is not that easy to obtain ……”

Gao Qiqiang told Kai in detail, he was emphasizing the preciousness of the origin breath so that Kai would know how to cherish it!

“Ao, it seems that this Origin Breath is really hard to obtain, it seems that it is not that easy to truly ascend into immortality after a successful transitional tribulation.”

Kai thought that as long as he went through the transitional tribulation period, he would be able to cultivate step by step and wait until the realm was complete to ascend into immortality!

But now it seemed that even if one broke through the transmigration realm, there was no telling how much time and difficulty one would have to go through to reach completion!

Kai and Gao Qiqiang’s divine thoughts turned, and the two returned to reality from within Kai’s Origin Space!

And at that moment, that spiritual rain had also stopped, but all the disciples of the Gao Family, under the irrigation of the spiritual rain, had also improved considerably!

This was a chance, a big chance for the Gao Family ……

Gao Qiqiang and Kai hovered in mid-air, then Gao Qiqiang said to the Gao family, “All of you, why don’t you bow down to Mr. Chen and thank him for the opportunity he has given you ……”

The first thing that happened was that everyone in the Gao family knelt down and thanked Kai in unison!

Even Gao Qisheng, who had a finger of dangling, seven disobedient and eight indignant, was now also kneeling on the ground in a pious manner, with a heartfelt submission to Kai!

It was because all of them had seen what Kai had gone through when he had broken through from the third rank of the Harmony Realm to the fourth rank of the Harmony Realm!

This was enough to shock them all, although many of them were even higher than Kai, but their admiration for Kai came from the bottom of their hearts!

Eleven thunder tribulations!

Anyone who was not convinced could try, to be able to resist nine lightning tribulations would be a pride of the heavens!

“Master Gao, this …………”

Kai was somewhat at a loss for words, he didn’t know what he had done for the Gao Clan that warranted everyone in the Gao Clan to kneel down and worship!

“Mr. Chen, you have brought a great opportunity to my Gao Family, it is only right that they kneel and worship you!”

Gao Qiqiang finished speaking and led Kai back to the ground!


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