A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2953

Soon, Kai felt his body shaking, and an arc of electricity spread around him!

A huge suction force suddenly came, and Kai and Gao Qiqiang’s bodies quickly rose upwards uncontrollably!

When they reached a star, the force stopped, and the arcs of electricity from Kai’s body shot straight towards the star!

That grey star, under the augmentation of the thunder and lightning power within Kai’s body, actually began to brighten!

At the end of the day, a shining star appeared, a shining star so bright in the midst of all these dim stars!

Seeing this, Gao Qiqiang was dumbfounded, completely dumbfounded!

“This this this …………”

“This origin space is really an entire river of stars? It’s outrageous ……”

Gao Qiqiang only felt his head buzzing.

He had never heard that Origin Space could reach the floor of a cosmic star river, it was a little too outrageous!

Such a large Origin Space!

That meant that this body of Kai’s had infinite possibilities, and whatever happened in Kai’s body was possible.

With this, Kai’s Origin Space would almost come to an end, there would be no more restrictions, and he could endlessly sense and absorb Origin Qi.

Some people created Origin Spaces, but because the space was limited, the amount of Origin Breath they could sense and absorb was also limited, and they could only break through again to expand their Origin Spaces!

But this situation will not occur in Kai’s case, he is almost a lifetime system with this one sense, there will be no more being the universe star river in the huge origin space!

Looking at the river of stars, those countless grey stars, Gao Qiqiang wondered how long it would take Kai, how much effort he would need, to be able to light up these stars!

If Kai was able to fill the entire Origin Space with Origin Qi, it would be a terrifying existence ……

“Clan Master Gao?”

Looking at Gao Qiqiang, who was dumbfounded and had long since become dazed, Kai softly shouted out!

Only at this moment did Gao Qiqiang wake up from his shock!

“I didn’t expect it, I really didn’t expect it, this eleventh lightning tribulation should be the one to help you open the origin space.”

“Otherwise, how else would your body resist that lightning tribulation.”

“Heaven’s will, this is heaven’s will ……”

“You don’t even need to cultivate, just this body of yours is something that many cultivators would not be able to envy in their lifetime.”

“Fate ah …………”

Gao Qiqiang sighed, his eyes filled with envy!

He had sensed the Origin Space and absorbed the Origin Breath at the Transmigration Realm, this was already considered an exceptionally gifted existence!

But when compared in front of Kai, he was simply not good enough!

“Clan Master Gao, I seem to have sensed the aura of the lightning origin ……”

Kai said, gently opening his hand, an arc of lightning was actually leaping in his hand, and the star of the lightning origin was beginning to flicker!

“Mr. Chen, it is not easy to sense the origin, and it is even harder to absorb and refine the origin breath, so you should not waste the origin breath easily.”

“You don’t have much of this origin breath in the first place, don’t use it for demonstration ……”

Gao Qiqiang spoke to Kai and advised him!

Kai had so easily perceived the Origin Space and possessed the Origin Breath, so he didn’t understand the rarity, to him this Origin Breath wasn’t hard to obtain!

But for Gao Qiqiang and the others, it was incredibly difficult to perceive and refine a trace of origin breath!

This was a typical case of a full man not knowing that a hungry man was hungry!

Kai put away the Origin Breath in his hand and then asked Gao Qiqiang, “Master Gao, is there any other way to obtain this Origin Breath apart from slowly refining it yourself?”

Kai felt that it would be too slow to slowly perceive it on his own, and it would be much easier if he could eat spiritual fruits and beast pills like he did with spiritual qi.


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