A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2952

Along with the continuous spreading of the multicolored light, at the same time an illusory world was outlined within Kai’s body!

“I know, I know, this is Origin Space, this is not the Sea of Consciousness ……”

Suddenly, Gao Qiqiang shouted out loud!

“Origin space? Could it be that I’ve sensed Origin Space now?”

Kai was also dumbfounded, he didn’t feel like he had sensed any origin space ah!

Could it be because of the last lightning tribulation and the Da Luo Golden Code?

“This must be the origin space, congratulations Mr. Chen, when the origin space is formed, you will be able to sense and hunt the origin.”

“I really didn’t expect that even at the Combined Body realm realm, one can sense the Origin Space, a miracle, what a miracle ……”

Gao Qiqiang’s face was full of envy!

“What is this origin space of mine? Could it also be a palace?”

Kai was also very curious and happy at this time.

“No, looking at your kind of origin space construction, it should be bigger than a palace, it must be an ocean, mountain kind of very big space!”

Gao Qiqiang said!

“Is it true that the bigger this origin space is, the better?”

Kai asked!

“Of course, the larger the origin space is, the greater the proof of future development, but this is all relative, the larger the origin space is, but will the access to the origin be greater as well.”

“Just like this flesh body of yours, the stronger the flesh body is, the more difficult it will be for you to enhance it, the more resources you will need, but after enhancing it, the rewards will also be great, it is all relative.”

Gao Qiqiang followed Kai as he explained!

At that moment, the colourful light had disappeared, and as far as the eye could see, it was all dotted with stars, only that they were all grey and not lit up!

The two men looked at the stars around them, as if they were standing at the end of the galaxy!

“What is this ……? Where is my origin space?”
r> Kai looked around and there was nothing!

No palace, no sea or lake, no mountain!

Gao Qiqiang was also full of doubts, and there was no sign of what had become the origin space appearing!

“This is too strange, what’s going on? Could it be that the origin space generation has failed?”

Gao Qiang kept flying, hoping to find something, but no matter how much he flew, he couldn’t see anything!

Kai looked around at the stars, a grey star that seemed to be waiting to be lit up!

“Master Gao, do you think this origin space of mine could be this river of thousands of stars?”

“I always feel that these grey stars are an origin, waiting to be lit up by me ……”

Kai whispered!

In fact, Kai himself didn’t quite understand, so he was a little vain when he said it!

“How is that possible, I’ve never heard of this kind of origin space before, such a large cosmic star river, if it’s your origin space, that’s still something!”

Gao Qiqiang didn’t believe it at all!

“But, this sudden appearance of a star river and nothing else, how can I come to be sure that I have succeeded?”

Kai asked!

“That’s not a problem, you can sense an origin, and with that origin breath, you can look for the origin space through that breath.”

“Only, what origin can you sense now? Something like sensing an origin is something that can be met but not found, and some times it is simply too much to ask for.”

“And there are many sayings about what origin each person’s body is suitable for sensing.”

Gao Qiqiang said!

“I’ll sense it to try, maybe I can sense it ……”

After Kai finished speaking, his eyes closed slightly, and immediately afterwards he felt it inside his body, a thunderbolt of power constantly passing through his body!

Kai had swallowed the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, and had also been struck hard by eleven lightning tribulations, so it was most appropriate for Kai to sense the lightning origin now!


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