A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2951

Rumble …………

Finally, the eleventh thunderbolt was generated and then came crashing down!

Kai gritted his teeth to death and fought with all his strength to resist the eleventh thunderbolt!

Just as the eleventh thunderbolt struck Kai’s body, it was as if Kai’s body was pierced by thousands of lightning bolts, and his entire body gradually began to become transparent!

Even an expert as powerful as Gao Qiang was sent flying by the eleventh lightning tribulation, so it was clear how powerful this last lightning tribulation was!

Kai opened his eyes and looked around him, he found that all around him was a grayish haze, the whole thing was like being in the middle of chaos!

“Could it be that I’ve gone ashen?”

Kai slapped himself hard and couldn’t feel a thing!

“It’s over, it’s over, I’m really dead, I’m afraid this is a remnant of my soul left behind ……”

Kai had a dejected look on his face!

“How can I die like this? I’m not willing, I’m not willing ……”

“I still don’t know who my father is?”

“I still haven’t found Yu Qi, I still have many women waiting for me ……”

“I can’t die, I can’t die ……”

Kai cried out, but no matter how hard Kai tried, he could not make a single sound, only his heart was crying out!

I don’t know how long it took, but Kai resigned himself to his fate!

He lay still, floating within the gray and cloudy space!

At that moment, Gao Qiqiang looked at the sky with astonishment in his eyes!

The thundercloud had disappeared, but Kai had also disappeared, as if he had been teleported away, or had simply vanished into ashes!

“How could this happen?”

This sudden change made even Gao Qiqiang frown!

Rumble …………

Kai, who was lying in a grey patch of space, suddenly heard a loud bang, followed by the space he was in beginning to tremble!

The Da Luo Golden Codex slowly levitated to Kai’s face!

Seeing the Golden Canon, Kai instantly became excited and hurriedly roared at the Golden Canon, “Am I not dead? Am I not dead?”

If there was only a wisp of soul left, it would be impossible to have divine consciousness, but this Da Luo Golden Canon was in Kai’s sea of consciousness, and now it suddenly appeared, proving that Kai was not dead!

A rippling multicoloured light shone out from the Da Luo Golden Code, shining directly on Kai’s body, and then the light spread from under Kai’s feet in all directions, and wherever the light passed, the grey space began to be dispersed!

The Da Luo Golden Canon slowly disappeared, while the multicoloured light under Kai’s feet continued to spread in all directions, as if there were no bounds!

“What is this …… going on?”

Kai himself was confused, not understanding what the hell was going on!

And at that moment, Gao Qiang suddenly noticed that Kai, who had originally disappeared, had actually appeared, this time with a multicoloured light emanating from around him!

Gao Qiang leapt up and went to Kai’s side, shouting “Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen …………”.

But after shouting a few times, Kai did not respond, his eyes were open, but he did not have any energy at all!

Gao Qiqiang frowned, carefully observed a moment, the slightest understanding, a divine sense instantly into Kai’s body!

Kai was currently in a daze when he suddenly found that Gao Qiqiang had appeared in front of him!

“Clan Master Gao? What’s going on here?”

Kai was very confused, not understanding what had happened!

In fact, Gao Qiqiang was also dumbfounded as Kai disappeared and then appeared, followed by a multicoloured glow enveloping his body!

Gao Qiqiang didn’t know what was going on, and even more so, he didn’t know what was happening!

Especially where exactly Kai had gone during the time he disappeared!

“Mr. Chen, I …… don’t know what’s going on, how did this sea of consciousness of yours become like this?”

Gao Qiqiang was full of confusion, not understanding how Kai’s sea of consciousness had changed.


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