A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2950

Snap …………

Just as the crowd tilted their heads and looked at Kai in shock, a drop of rain suddenly fell on someone’s face!

“It’s raining?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, this is the extreme north, apart from snow, how can it rain!”

“It’s really raining ……”

“It’s raining, look at it, it’s raining ……”

A light drizzle suddenly fell from the sky!

Everyone in the Gao family shouted because some of them had never seen what rain looked like before, after all, the climate here is so harsh and cold that even if there was rain in the sky, it would have condensed into snowflakes!

“What’s going on? How can it possibly rain?”

Gao Qisheng was filled with confusion as he reached out to catch the rain!

But when that rain landed on his hand, it instantly disappeared, while Gao Qisheng only felt an aura swimming around inside his body!

“This ………………”

Gao Qisheng’s eyes widened, his face full of incredulity!

And at this time, Gao Qisheng’s figure also appeared in mid-air, looking down at the Gao family crowd and said “This is your chance, this is not rain, but spiritual liquid, it is spiritual qi condensed into liquid, this spiritual liquid is a thousand times more powerful than spiritual qi.”

“Listen to the disciples of the Gao family, immediately cultivate in place and absorb the hard-won spiritual liquid ……”

Only when Gao Qiqiang said so did the Gao family members react and understand why it had suddenly rained!

Spiritual fluid is not rain, even if the temperature is even lower, it cannot freeze!

Everyone in the Gao family sat in place and began to run their kung fu, continuously absorbing the spirit liquid that was falling from the sky!

Under the spirit liquid flooding the sky, everyone in the Gao family’s strength was growing by leaps and bounds, and even some of the Gao family’s injured sons and daughters were recovering rapidly from their wounds at the moment!

Gao Qiqiang watched as the Gao family’s strength grew rapidly, and a satisfied smile appeared on his face!

“The breakthrough of a small third grade cultivator of the Harmony Realm has actually attracted ten thunder tribulations and caused sweet rain to fall from the sky, a miracle, a real miracle ……”

Gao Qiqiang said, raising his eyes to look at Kai!

But when he looked at Kai, he instantly froze!

Because after ten thunderclaps, that thundercloud did not dissipate, and it was getting thicker and thicker!

“What’s going on?”

Gao Qiqiang’s brow furrowed and a bit more panic grew within his heart!

“Couldn’t there be more thunderclaps?”

Gao Qiang did not understand why the thundercloud did not dissipate even after ten thunder tribulations?

Could there be an eleventh lightning tribulation?

That was impossible?

Not to mention Kai’s breakthrough as a third-ranked cultivator of the Harmonious Body Realm!

Even if he had broken through to the Dhyana realm, he would not be able to attract eleven thunderclaps.

Gao Qiqiang felt the power contained within the thundercloud, so he hurriedly dodged away from Kai!

Kai’s body was suspended in mid-air at this moment, and his heart was also agitated!

He had survived the tenth thunderclap, but he had not broken through to the fourth rank of the Harmonious Body Realm!

And now the thundercloud had not dissipated, so I wondered if there was another thunderclap!

If there was another lightning tribulation, Kai knew that he would not be able to resist it!

Kai was barely able to resist this last one!

He was already physically and emotionally exhausted, and his undefeatable golden body had been blasted away during the tenth thunderbolt!

If there had been an eleventh thunderbolt, he would have been blasted into oblivion, not even a scrap left!

“Fuck, thief God, is this a trap to kill me?”

Kai kept cursing inwardly!

He also didn’t expect that his breakthrough would attract such a powerful thunderstorm!

At this moment, Gao Qiqiang, who seemed to have also seen Kai’s dilemma, gently rested his palm upwards, and a huge aura instantly enveloped Kai!

Kai looked down and found that it was Gao Qiqiang, who was helping him!

With Gao Qiang’s help, Kai seemed to have confidence, although going through a thunderclap, if there was external help, it would make the thunderclap quench less effective, but it was still better than being blasted into oblivion!


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