A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2949

Right after Gao Qisheng left, Gao Qiqiang looked at the thundercloud that Kai had created, and his eyes grew more and more puzzled!

“What a strange thundercloud, could it be …………”

Suddenly, a burst of brilliant aura erupted from within Gao Qiqiang’s eyes!

“Grand Elder …………”

Gao Qiqiang shouted out loud!

The first elder quickly arrived in front of Gao Qiqiang and said with a tense face, “Family head, what are your orders?”

The first elder had never seen, Gao Qiqiang so excited!

“Inform everyone in the Gao family to get out of their rooms and bring them inside the courtyard immediately.

Gao Qiqiang’s body was trembling slightly with excitement!

The first elder was confused at this point and asked in a small voice “Family head, what chance is there?”

“You just go, you will know in a moment, be quick ……”

Gao Qiqiang urged!

Soon, the Grand Elder had everyone in the Gao family walk out of the room and stand in the courtyard!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into. He said there was a great opportunity, but where is it?”

Not only Gao Qisheng, but also the rest of the Gao family, were all talking, not understanding what was wrong with Gao Qiang, and not knowing where the big chance was!

Just as the crowd kept talking, there was a sudden explosion!

Rumble ……

The long-brewing thundercloud finally exploded with the first heavenly thunder!

The heavenly thunder was wrapped in lightning and instantly struck down fiercely towards Kai’s courtyard!

Everyone’s heart trembled slightly as they watched this thunderbolt!

As the first thunderbolt struck down, Kai’s eyes snapped open and he instantly rose into the air, his body suspended in mid-air!

The thunderbolt struck Kai’s body so hard that a golden light flashed all around him in an instant!

The second thunderbolt followed in an instant, giving Kai no chance to catch his breath!

This thunderclap instantly caused Kai’s clothes to shatter, and a layer of golden scales covered Kai’s entire body!

With his Undying Golden Body activated, Kai knew that there would be many more thunderclaps to come!

If he couldn’t carry them off, then all his work would be lost and not only would he not be able to grow in strength, he might even be injured and regress in strength!

One after another, the thunder tribulation struck Kai’s body unceasingly, with increasing power!

And Kai was floating in mid-air, without the slightest fear in his eyes!

“This …… is too outrageous, isn’t it? How many thunder tribulations have there been?”

“It’s the ninth, I counted it, it’s the ninth thunder tribulation!”

“Oh my god, the ninth lightning tribulation, even if it’s a cultivator of the Transmigration realm, I’m afraid that he won’t be able to carry it, this guy is too perverted.”

The Gao Clan were all talking, and at the same time they were envious of Kai’s strong body!

Gao Qisheng, who originally did not look up to Kai in the slightest, now looked up at Kai, watching Kai being bombarded by a thunderstorm without faltering in the slightest, and there was inevitably a look of admiration in his eyes!

Gao Qisheng had a few smiles on his face as he quietly looked at Kai in mid-air!

“There’s still one more, there’s still one last lightning tribulation, I believe you can resist it ……”

Gao Qiqiang muttered to himself!

Just as Gao Qiqiang’s words fell, the tenth thunder tribulation rang out, and lightning like a bucket of water ruthlessly struck Kai’s body!

This time, Kai’s body continued to shake in mid-air!

Everyone’s mouths were wide open, full of disbelief!

Ten lightning tribulations, this was too perverse!

Especially the last one, the bucket-thick thunderbolt, was too much for everyone present, and would surely be blasted into oblivion!

Although Kai’s body was shaking, he still managed to survive the last thunderbolt!


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