A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2947

A courtyard of the Gao family!

Kai exhaled a deep breath of turbid air and slowly opened his eyes!

“The Ice Soul Fragment has been absorbed, the next step is the Heavenly Thunder Fruit ……”

The speed of absorbing the Ice Soul Fragment, Kai could be said to be faster than anyone else, but Kai still felt too slow!

He now felt too weak and desperately wanted to improve as soon as possible!

But for every small realm he raised, the resources he needed were a hundred times and a thousand times more than others, which made Kai very distressed!

Although this body of his was so strong that everyone envied it!

But the resources needed to cultivate this body were also something that Kai was very distressed about!

If he relied solely on absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to cultivate, I am afraid that he might not be able to raise a small realm until the end of the year!

Kai glanced around and found that Fire Phoenix and Yu Jiameng were still in the middle of cultivation, this one Heavenly Thunder Fruit could probably make them cultivate for ten or eight days!

It just depends on their respective talents as to how many realms this Heavenly Lightning Fruit can allow them to break through!

After all, the Fire Phoenix was originally a divine beast of the Celestial Realm, but it was only thrown into the mundane world that caused its strength to drop!

So when the fire phoenix is trying to raise its strength, it should be quick!

“I wonder if this moment of the Heavenly Thunder Fruit will allow me to break through to the fourth grade of the Combined Body Realm ……”

Kai was very apprehensive inside!

If he could break through to the strength of the fourth rank of the Combined Body realm, then when he saw Linglong again, Kai wouldn’t have to flee in a mess, and could follow Linglong with a fighting chance!

With a thought, Kai took out the Heavenly Thunder Fruits!

In fact, he could have absorbed all three Heavenly Thunder Fruits himself, but then it would have been difficult for Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng to grow in strength!

In a place as dangerous as the Celestial Realm, it was very dangerous for Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng to be of their strength!

A small cultivator would probably be able to defeat them!

Kai could not protect them all the time, so in order to prevent them from being in danger, Kai decided to let them absorb the Heavenly Thunder Fruit to improve their strength!

Kai looked at the Heavenly Thunder Fruit in his hand, on it, arcs of lightning jumped around, and he could feel a thunderclap inside the fruit!

Kai took one look at it, grabbed it and took a bite out of it!

If someone had seen Kai eating the Heavenly Thunder Fruit like this, they would have been stunned, he was simply desperate!

The Heavenly Thunder Fruits are a resource that needs to be refined and absorbed slowly, if Kai eats them in this way, it is estimated that many people’s bodies will not be able to withstand them and they will simply explode and die!

Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng had absorbed it for so long, and the Heavenly Thunder Fruit had only just gotten a little smaller!

It was because Kai did not want to waste any more time, and he had absolute confidence in his cultivation technique and body, that he ate the Heavenly Thunder Fruit in this way!

If that Thunder Eagle King had seen Kai eating his Heavenly Thunder Fruit like an apple, he would probably have been furious!

After Kai had eaten the entire Heavenly Thunder Fruit into his stomach.


Kai only felt his head explode, and his body involuntarily filled with the power of lightning!

Kai looked at his hands, the thunder and lightning power that was constantly emitting, the arc of light was like lightning.

And above the courtyard where Kai lived, a thunder and lightning suddenly rang out!

This vision attracted many people from the Gao family to come and watch!

“What’s going on? How did the power of thunder and lightning appear in our place?”

“That’s right, I haven’t seen this kind of scene for years!”

“I’ve only ever seen snowy weather, never seen this before, it’s really beautiful ……”

Many people from the Gao family looked at the vision in mid-air and talked about it!

And Gao Qiqiang also came out of the room, looking at the thunder and lightning roaring in mid-air, is also can’t help but stare “This guy, did he swallow the whole Heavenly Thunder Fruit?”


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