A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2946

As soon as the Golden Furies reached out, that Neo Bao instantly understood and hurriedly handed over the jade token he was holding!

If he did so, he would still be alive, but if he let them rob him, he would be dead!

Seeing Neo Bao hand over the jade token so honestly, the Golden Fury didn’t give him a hard time, but took it and gently pressed it into the gap in the gate!

The jade token fitted perfectly into the gate, and with a trembling of the earth, the treasure gate began to emit a golden light!

No one knew if there were traps or hidden weapons behind the gate!

After a short tremor, the gates slowly opened, and with them, a hot stream came out of the treasure trove!

Originally, this extreme northern land was so bitterly cold that these cultivators here needed to protect their bodies with spiritual energy to stay in this weather!

If an ordinary person came here, it probably wouldn’t take long for them to freeze to death alive!

Feeling the warmth, everyone’s faces were amazed and their bodies were very comfortable!

“There is something within this land of treasures that would have heat flowing out.”

The Golden Furies looked far away inside the Land of Treasures, not rushing in!

“Whatever there is, let’s go in first and take a look, an ancient body refining treasure is just that, how dangerous can it be.”

The Wood Fury said, surprisingly walking straight in!

Soon several of the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies walked in, while the other cultivators, seeing this, also followed them in, but that Five Elemental Heavenly Furies did not stop them!

That Neo Bao hesitated, but in the end, he also gritted his teeth and walked into the treasure place!

And just after Neo Bao entered, a dozen more people with hidden auras appeared at the entrance to the Treasure Land!

After looking at the entrance, these people also followed directly in!


The Gao family!

Gao Qisheng huffed and puffed and went back.

Seeing Gao Qisheng’s appearance, Gao Qiang asked “Why are you so angry, what happened?”

“Big brother, we found the treasure place.”

Gao Qisheng said!

“Oh!” Gao Qisheng nodded, not much excitement, but continued to ask “If you found it, why did you come back?”

“It was the people from that Demon Sealing Alliance, they forcefully demanded the treasure key and then entered the treasure.”

“We had a disagreement and fought, but they were too strong and we lost.”

“Brother, where is the Grand Elder? I’m going to bring more men, I have to waste the people from the Demon Sealing Alliance, this is our Gao family’s territory, it’s not the Demon Sealing Alliance’s turn to flaunt their power here.”

Gao Qisheng was not convinced and wanted to bring more men to bring back the face!

Gao Qisheng coldly looked at Gao Qisheng, frowned slightly and said “Can you grow a brain in the future, don’t fight and kill all day, play with women ……”

“You give me a good stay at home, wait for Mr. Chen to recover, you are taking him out.”

“Mr. Chen? What Mr. Chen?”

Gao Qisheng was dumbfounded, he had never seen his brother address a man with such respect!

“Those two girls you turned to are Mr. Chen’s friends, if Xiaolan hadn’t stopped you in time, you would have caused a great deal of trouble for our Gao family.”

“When Mr. Chen wakes up from his training, you will give me an honest admission of fault and apologize, and be sincere.”

“Also at a young age, look at others, you are looking at you ……”

Gao Qisheng gave a foul scolding to Gao Qisheng!

Although Gao Qisheng was not convinced, he did not dare to show it in front of Gao Qiqiang, and could only nod his head and say “I understand ……”

“Go, cultivate yourself well, look at your current strength, your cultivation speed is not as fast as a snail’s crawl, so many resources are wasted by you.”

Gao Qixiang waved his hand!

Gao Qisheng didn’t say anything, and left with a face full of displeasure!


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