A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2945

“I have only heard of your name, but never seen your person, entering to see, I will see if you are a waste of time.”

The Second Elder had a cold face!

“Good, since you want to know if my Sword Frenzy’s name is a waste of time, then I’ll let you see it ……”

When the Golden Fury finished speaking, the long sword in his hand waved smoothly, and immediately a sword flower appeared!

Immediately afterwards, the surrounding void trembled!

The longsword was simply waved, but in the void, it instantly turned into thousands of sword blades!

These sword blades then whistled out, like galloping wild horses, and came towards the Second Elder in a frenzy!

“Hmph, if that’s all you’ve got, it’s degrading to the name of Sword Frenzy.”

The Second Elder snorted coldly as a white, cold Qi instantly flooded around his body, forming a protective barrier!

At the same time, another fist was swung out, the void instantly exploded, and the thousands of sword blades were all turned into nothingness under this terrifying fist!

Seeing this, the corners of the Second Elder’s mouth lifted in triumph!

But just as the corner of the Second Elder’s mouth was slightly raised, he felt as if the cold Qi around him had been penetrated by something, and the protective barrier had actually disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye!

“Do you really think that I earned my name of Sword Frenzy for nothing?”

The Golden Fury had a face of disdain!

The Second Elder’s originally smug face was instantly shrouded in a cloud of gloom!

This Golden Fury’s sword skill was really peculiar, the Second Elder had not even noticed that a sword blade had just approached him, and that his own protective barrier had been broken!

“You are indeed good at swordplay, but you think I’m afraid of you just because I’m like this!”

And the Elder bellowed, lunging violently towards the Golden Fury!

A large amount of cold air drifted out from the Second Elder’s palm, and the raging spiritual energy mixed with the cold air caused the surrounding space to freeze instantly!

The people around him saw this and dodged in the distance, or they might be frozen into ice sculptures in a moment!

The condensed air began to form a wall of ice in mid-air, and this wall of ice was rapidly moving towards the Golden Fury!

The Golden Fury saw this and instantly waved a wave of heat from the longsword in his hand!

“I have no intention of fighting your Gao Clan to the death, so I hope your Gao Clan will stop too!”

“If we both lose, then this treasure will be cheaper for others.”

The Golden Fury saw that the Second Elder was playing for real, so he said loudly!

The Golden Fury was afraid of following the Gao family into a conflict and ending up with both sides losing!

As the saying goes, the snipe and the clam will get the fisherman!

“This is in the Far North, in the territory of the Gao family, and you want us to stop?”

The Second Elder didn’t stop at all, his fist went towards the Golden Fury, the cold air made many things freeze instantly!

“You few don’t look stupid, make a move ……”

The Golden Furies weren’t willing to follow the Second Elder into a fight like this, what use would it be to end up with a lose-lose situation!

They hadn’t come to destroy the Gao family, but to find the treasure!

Hearing the Golden Fury’s shout, the four Wood, Water, Fire and Earth also instantly struck out, this instantly putting the Second Elder in a downward spiral!

Seeing this, Gao Qisheng also led the rest of the Gao Clan and started a direct melee!

Everyone else ran far away, fearing that they might be affected!

All of a sudden, the scene was in chaos as all kinds of forces clashed together!

However, the people Gao Qisheng had brought with him, apart from the Second Elder, were not as strong as the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies!

After a few minutes of fighting, it was obvious that the Gao family were falling behind!

Only the Second Elder was struggling to hold on, and if they all fell, then the Demon Sealing Alliance might really dare to kill them!

“You guys wait, I will never let anyone bully me in the Far North ……”

Gao Qisheng looked like his side was not strong enough to beat the Five Elemental Heavenly Furies!

Gao Qisheng fled with the Gao family in a mess!

“I pooh, don’t run if you have the guts ……”

The Golden Fury spat fiercely, then looked at the surrounding crowd and said, “Who else is not convinced?”

All of them lowered their heads, how dare they say no!


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