A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2944

This Demon Sealing Alliance is an organization, and its members are even spread all over the Celestial Human Realm, and their black robes with the dark gold mark is their standard!

This Demon Sealing Alliance was founded by a group of people who went around killing demons, and later on the group’s membership grew!

As the Demon Sealing Alliance grew in strength, many cultivators avoided the Demon Sealing Alliance when they saw them!

It’s possible that these guys will label you as a demon cultivator and take you away!

Neo Bao was also very afraid of the Demon Sealing Alliance, but he was still a bit reluctant to hand over the treasure key he had managed to obtain for nothing!

Seeing Neo Bao’s hesitation, the Golden Fury frowned slightly and said, “What? Not willing to hand it over?”

“I …………”

Neo Bao was in a difficult position, but facing these people from the Demon Sealing Alliance, he was no match at all, and if the other party grabbed it, there was nothing he could do!

Just when Neo Bao was helpless and planning to pull out that treasure key, a cold voice came!

“The people of the Demon Sealing Alliance are really shameless, is this a hard robbery in broad daylight?”

Said a young man who slowly walked up, followed by a few old men behind him!

This young man was none other than Gao Qisheng, the second son of the Gao family!

Gao Qisheng had sent him and Gao Qijie out to check the movements of the demon cultivators, and to find the location of the treasure!

When the Golden Fury saw Gao Qisheng, he frowned slightly and said, “Who are you? How dare you say that about our Demon Sealing Alliance? Do you not want to live anymore?”

“Humph, I don’t want to live anymore, what can you do?”

Gao Qisheng snorted coldly, then looked at Neo Bao and said “Fellow Daoist, I am the second son of the Gao family, Gao Qisheng, I don’t want your key, I only hope that you can cooperate with my Gao family, how about we work together to explore this treasure?”

“You should know that in this land of the extreme north, our Gao family is the strongest, it is only wise to cooperate with us!”

As soon as they heard it was someone from the Gao family, many people were murmuring!

And that Neo Bao was full of joy as he hurriedly nodded his head!

One must know that the Gao family was considered very powerful in the Extreme North, and they could still cooperate!

But this person from the Demon Sealing Alliance was actually going to take the key away directly, compared to that, it was more appropriate to follow the Gao family and cooperate!

“Damn it, going against our Demon Sealing Alliance, are you looking for death?”

“What can your Gao family do, out of the Extreme North Land, your Gao family is nothing ……”

The Golden Fury said with a face full of anger!

“You dare to curse our Gao family, looking for death ……”

Gao Qisheng was already young and angry, how could he let someone curse the Gao family, so he slammed his fist over!

“Hmph ……”

The Golden Fury snorted coldly, then followed suit and smashed out a fist!

Boom …………

Gao Qisheng was still not strong enough, under this punch, his body retreated repeatedly, until he was held by the old man he brought with him, which prevented him from falling to the ground!

“Humph, how dare you run wild with that kind of ability, get lost right now or don’t blame me for being ungracious!”

The Golden Fury threatened at Gao Qisheng!

“Second Elder, beat them up for me, how dare you be so foolish when you’re in the extreme north, haven’t you heard that a strong dragon can’t suppress a snake on the ground?”

Gao Qisheng waved his hand and told the Second Elder he brought to fight!

He really couldn’t beat this Golden Fury!

The Second Elder nodded and his body leapt up, instantly reaching mid-air, followed by a fist that fell downwards!

The air around him was instantly frozen, turning into flakes of snow!

Seeing this, the Golden Fury grabbed his hand and a long sword appeared in his hand, followed by a harsh sword mane that shot up into the sky!

The sword maneuver passed through the snowflakes and instantly crushed the cold air!

“Five Elemental Heavenly Furies, the Sword Frenzy Golden Furies truly live up to their name ……”

The Second Elder’s body slowly fell down and looked at the Golden Fury and said!

“Since you know me, why don’t you get lost quickly ……”

The Golden Fury sneered!


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