A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2943

“Alright, stop fooling around, you two need to hurry up and cultivate, otherwise with this strength, there is no way for you to move around in the Celestial Realm.”

“While the Gao family is still safe now, hurry up and cultivate ……”

“I have a few Heavenly Thunder Fruits here, give one to each of you, I reckon it will be able to boost you two up quite a bit.”

Kai said, taking out two Heavenly Thunder Fruits and giving them to the duo!

“Heavenly Thunder Fruits? Aren’t these only found on the Thunder Eagle King’s Heavenly Thunder Tree?”

“How did master get the Heavenly Thunder Fruits? That Thunder Eagle King treats this Heavenly Thunder Fruit as a treasure.”

The fire phoenix said in surprise!

“You know about the Heavenly Thunder Fruit?” Kai was a little surprised, how did the Fire Phoenix know about the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

“Master forgot, I was originally from the Celestial Human Realm and was later thrown to the Mundane Realm after making a mistake, so of course I know about the Heavenly Thunder Fruit.”

The Fire Phoenix followed Kai and explained!

Only then did it dawn on Kai, so he said, “I took advantage of the absence of the Thunder Eagle King to secretly pick a few of them, they are very difficult to pick.”

“Fire Phoenix, Kai is right, we both need to make good use of our time to cultivate, or else we will be a drag on Kai if we follow him with this kind of strength.”

Yu Jia Meng nodded her head and said!

“Good, then I’ll go cultivate ……”

Fire Phoenix also nodded.

The two girls took the Heavenly Thunder Fruits and went to cultivate, while Kai also started to recover his strength and entered a state of cultivation!

He had to break through as soon as possible to do so, or else he would find the real treasure, and then he would be afraid of getting the Ice Pill Pill as well!

Kai first absorbed the Ice Pill Fragment given by Gao Qiqiang, collected his mind and immersed himself in refining the Ice Pill Fragment!

Kai absorbed the Ice Soul Fragment very quickly, so the refining process wouldn’t take long!

Just as Kai was cultivating, hundreds of miles away from the Gao family, a towering ice mountain collapsed!

And where it had collapsed, a golden gate was revealed, with runes flowing all over it, emitting an eerie aura!

Right in front of this gate, quite a few cultivators had gathered as well!

“This must be the real treasure place, there’s no mistaking it, can’t you see there’s a jade gap on that gate?”

“Just with this scent, it must be the place of treasure too!”

“Who would have thought that this place of treasure would be under the whole iceberg, if the iceberg hadn’t collapsed, it would have been impossible to find this treasure.”

The crowd were all talking!

Only because this gate was imprisoned by a spell formation, it could only be opened by a key, and that key was a jade tablet!

“I have the key to open the treasure here, I wonder if any Daoist is willing to cooperate with me?”

At that moment, a fifth grade cultivator of the Harmony Realm said loudly!

And this man was Neo Bao who had been saved by Kai, this fellow also had a jade token in his hand, saying that it was the key to open the treasure!

As soon as they heard that Neo Bao actually had the key to open the treasure in his hand, they all gathered around!

Because many people had just tried to break open the treasure door by force, but they had all failed, so upon hearing that Neo Bao had the key in his hand, they all gathered around!

“Get out of my way ……”

Just as the crowd was surrounding Neo Bao, a sudden stern shout caused instant displeasure among the crowd!

The crowd rushed to look and found five men wearing black tunics with dark golden marks on their sleeve robes walking over!

Upon seeing these five men, the disgruntled cultivators all instantly scattered in all directions, obviously they all knew these five men and were afraid of them!

Among these five people, the leader of a middle-aged man said “We are the Five Elements Heavenly Furies of the Demon Sealing Alliance, I am the Golden Furies, now hand over the treasure key to me ……”

Neo Bao looked at the middle-aged man in front of him, his expression became incomparably nervous and his face was ugly, cold sweat instantly flowed down his forehead!

He didn’t expect that he could still come across people from the Demon Sealing Alliance in this extreme northern land!


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