A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2942

Kai’s entire body fell into a daze as he listened to Gao Qiqiang’s words!

“Could it be that this was all calculated, all to deceive me?”

Kai was puzzled!

“It wasn’t to trick you, but just to use your identity, you were able to refine the Devil Clan’s Supreme Fire, which is a deadly threat to the Inferno Demon Clan.”

“In fact, the Land of the Far North is not as quiet as it seems, there are a large number of demon races infesting the Land of the Far North, and there are even other secret organizations.”

“It’s just that the only ones the people know about the most are our Gao family and the Ancient Body Refining Clan.”

“Now the Demon Race is showing signs of ruling the entire Far North, so we must find a way to suppress the Demon Race’s development.”

“And you are the best pawn to suppress the Demon Race ……”

Gao Qiqiang didn’t hide anything and told all that Kai was just a pawn!

“Master Gao, I don’t understand, your strength is much higher than mine, why don’t you personally lead people to exterminate the Devil Clan’s lair?”

Kai didn’t understand, Gao Qiqiang was so highly powerful, and there were many experts in the Gao Clan, why didn’t he take them with him to exterminate those demon clans!

“Do you think it’s that easy to wipe out the demon race? Those devils are hiding in the shadows, we are in the light and they are in the shadows, there is no way to destroy them.”

“And this time the treasure will not only attract a large number of cultivators to come, it will also allow those demon races to move around.”

“To know that these cultivators can also be used as resources for those devils to cultivate, I believe that Inferno Devil will not be able to sit still when he sees so many cultivators coming to the extreme north.”

Gao Qiqiang’s words seemed to have been discussed following the Ancient Body Refining Clan Chief!

Many of these cultivators coming to the Land of the Far North were just bait, luring the demon race out to bait them!

Although Gao Qiang and the Ancient Body Refining Clan were a bit cruel in doing so, but in this Celestial Realm, one certainly had to take risks if one wanted to obtain resources!

“That Jia Ling County county princess, what’s the connection with following the Ancient Body Refining Clan, and what is she?” r>
Kai asked to Gao Qiqiang!

At that time, Kai asked the old clan leader of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, but the other party did not refuse to say!

So Kai asked Gao Qiqiang, he should probably know too!

“In this matter, you’d better ask the Jia Ling County Magistrate yourself!”

Gao Qiqiang smiled faintly, then with a wave of his hand, he brought Kai out of that Origin Space!

This time, following Gao Qiqiang’s conversation had given Kai a deeper understanding of the Land of the Far North!

After leaving, Kai fell into deep contemplation!

It seemed that he had to improve his strength as soon as possible, otherwise it would be difficult to deal with the enemies behind him as their strength grew higher and higher!

Fortunately, Gao Qiqiang was not a bad guy, if he was, he would not have had the strength to fight back, knowing that there was a big difference in strength between the two of them!

Back at the residence, it was already dark by now!

The fire phoenix had been waiting impatiently for Kai on the bed for a long time, and when he saw that Kai had returned, the fire phoenix said “Master, I know that you have been tired during this period of time, so let the fire phoenix serve you and let you recover ……”

Fire Phoenix was planning to use double cultivation to let Kai recover quickly!

While looking at Fire Phoenix’s fair body, Kai pounced on it!

In the midst of the entanglement, Kai realized that there was one more person, it turned out that Yu Jia Meng was also there, just now he didn’t notice it!

Kai didn’t care about that, he just followed the two women and slowly recovered his strength!

This night, Kai felt very well recovered, and the fire phoenix was also like a spring breeze, feeling very good!

Only Yu Jia Meng was struggling a bit because it was her first time!

“Master, you don’t know how to care for Sister Jia Meng, look at her, she can’t even get up.”

Early the next morning, Fire Phoenix said to Kai with a smile!


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