A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2941

“Where am I?” Kai was a bit confused!

Soon, Gao Qiqiang’s figure appeared and comforted Kai, “Mr. Chen, don’t be afraid, this is my origin space ……”

As Gao Qiang finished speaking, the space, which was originally somewhat grey and dull, began to tremble gently as a mass of light slowly rose up.

Kai saw that some of the rooms within the palace were filled with seven-coloured light, while others were a grey haze!

“I am sensing the Origin of Ice, and those seven-coloured flashes of light are the Origin Qi, while within that grey and dull room, there is no Origin Qi present yet.”

Gao Qiqiang followed Kai and explained!

“Master of the Gao family, could it be that you have already broken through the transmigration and reached the Mahayana realm?”

Kai asked in astonishment!

Gao Qiqiang shook his head “I haven’t broken through the transmigration yet, but I have sensed the Origin of Ice ahead of time, only after so many years of hard work, I have only refined this little bit of Origin Qi.”

“I hope that I will be able to fill up my origin space when I break through the transmigration, and by then I hope to expand my origin space, and if I can reach a city, then I will be satisfied.”

“Clan Master Gao, is it possible that all palaces are like this when you sense the origin space?” Kai was a little puzzled, could it be that Origin Spaces were all the same like a cultivator’s dantian!

“That’s certainly not true, there are all kinds of spaces formed by sensing the origin, some are seas, some are ponds, and some are just a small house.”

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you sense the origin space, you will be particularly powerful, it also depends on the size of the space you sense, the bigger the origin space, then the greater your future achievements will be.”

Gao Qiqiang continued to explain to Kai!

“So everyone has a different origin of enlightenment?” Kai continued to ask curiously!

“Not the same, there are many kinds of origin, ice, fire, water, thunder, electricity ………… and so on, what origin each person can sense depends on their own enlightenment.” >
“Then can a person sense multiple originals?” Kai asked again.

“Of course, there are those who can perceive two, three, or even five originals, the more originals they perceive, the greater their achievements will be, there is no doubt about that, only that some people have difficulty perceiving one origin, let alone perceiving many.” Gao Qiqiang said!

“Clan Master Gao, then which origin aura did you just say you possessed, which origin was it?”

Kai was curious as to which origin aura that was emanating from that Da Luo Golden Canon was!

“This …………” Gao Qiang frowned “I only know that it is an origin aura, but I don’t know which one it is. ”

“Could it be that the origin breath within your own body, you yourself do not know?”

Gao Qiqiang was puzzled, how could Kai not know his own origin breath?

“I …………” Kai looked a little embarrassed “I don’t know where that breath just came from! ”

Hearing Kai’s answer, Gao Qiqiang looked at Kai strangely and then said “This body of yours is really peculiar, being a Golden Dragon True Body and having the power of a divine dragon is nothing to say, yet you have a peculiar aura inside you!”

“Human, devil and even beast auras, you have them all, and now there is even an origin aura in your body, I really don’t know how to evaluate you.”

Hearing Gao Qiqiang’s words, Kai couldn’t help but frown and said “Master Gao, you …… know my identity?”

“It’s not strange that I can tell your identity, I believe that not only me, even that old man from the Ancient Body Refining Clan has already seen your identity, otherwise how else would he have given you the Demon Draw Whip, do you really think that old man is that innocent that he can just hand over something that important to a stranger?”

“Your identity was already known when you got the treasure jade token in Jialing County, otherwise you’re a tiny Harmony Realm cultivator, whether it’s the treasure jade token, or the devil-smoking whip, or even the secret of the treasure?”


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