A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2940

Kai’s sea of consciousness was huge, but the power of this divine sense was exceptionally strong, so it seemed that Kai’s strength was still much less than Gao Qiqiang’s!

Soon, Kai could not hold on and was invaded by Gao Qiqiang’s divine sense, and immediately afterwards, this divine sense began to obtain the secrets of Kai’s body in Kai’s sea of consciousness!

But just as Gao Qiang’s divine sense was about to probe into Kai’s sea of consciousness, suddenly the Da Luo Golden Canon rose up without a breeze!

A piercing golden light shot out from within that Da Luo Golden Codex!

The light was fast and carried a special aura!

In just an instant, Gao Qiqiang’s divine sense was instantly shattered.

The binding aura around Kai also instantly disappeared, while in looking at Gao Qiqiang, his face was incomparably ugly, and a strand of blood even flowed out from the corner of his mouth!

“Master of the Gao family, what do you mean by that?”

Kai looked coldly at Gao Qiqiang, this fellow had suddenly struck out at himself, Kai was angry!

“Mr. Chen, don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean any harm, I just want to take a look at your body!”

“I didn’t expect that you were but a tiny cultivator at the third rank of the Combined Body realm, but you have an origin aura, unbelievable, too unbelievable ……”

Gao Qiqiang said with a face full of shock!

“Origin aura?” Kai frowned slightly “What is this Origin Aura again?”

Gao Qiqiang froze, then looked at Kai and said “Could it be that you, as a cultivator, don’t know what Origin Breath is?”

Kai shook his head “I only know that breaking through the tribulation is the same as reshaping one’s entire body, allowing one to sense the origin and reach a new level of understanding of all things.”

“And after breaking through the transmigration, one can also become a half-immortal body, and as long as one slowly perceives and improves, one can eventually ascend into immortality.”

After listening, Gao Qiqiang nodded his head “That’s right, after crossing the tribulation, one can sense the origin, and the origin breath is also what determines the level of each cultivator’s ability after the tribulation!”

“But it’s not only when one breaks through the transmigration that one can sense the origin, there are some gifted people who can also sense the origin at the transmigration realm, this is not strange.”

“But I’ve never seen anyone who has an aura of origin at the Combined Body realm, I didn’t expect you to have an aura of origin on you?”

“You should know that it is simple to perceive the origin, but to have the origin aura, it requires difficult cultivation to do so, and you have to form an origin space within your body, similar to a cultivator’s dantian.”

Gao Qiqiang explained to Kai, but the more he explained, the more confused Kai became!

Kai hadn’t felt that he had any origin aura either, it was just a sudden flash of golden light from the Da Luo Golden Canon, but the aura that flashed through that golden light was indeed a bit different!

Gao Qiqiang looked at Kai’s dumbfounded look, and knew that Kai didn’t understand anything at all, and the more he explained, the more dumbfounded he became, so he said, “I’ll take your origin spirit to my origin space to have a look and see.”

“Don’t resist any more, that origin aura inside you is too strong, if you give me a hit, I’m afraid I won’t be able to take it anymore.”

Gao Qiqiang was a little scared, he was afraid that he was giving off that origin breath!

But Gao Qiang didn’t know that it wasn’t Kai’s own origin breath, it was emanating from that Da Luo Golden Canon!

Kai couldn’t control it at all, it wasn’t something he could use whenever he wanted to!

“Don’t worry, Master Gao ……”

Kai nodded his head!

Only to see that Gao Qixiang waved his hand.


Kai only felt a light tremor in his sea of consciousness, followed by a grey light falling down and then wrapping Kai’s Neo Shen around it!

Kai then felt a blur before his eyes, and then his entire body appeared in a palace, which was actually made of ice!


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