A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2938

“Kai …………”

Gao Qilan shouted loudly towards Kai and then quickly ran over!

Behind Gao Qilan, there were several other Gao Family’s guard experts, all of them at the eighth or ninth rank of the Combined Body Realm!

This showed that the strength of the Gao family was not to be underestimated!

“Are you guys alright? After Little Jie ran back and said what happened to you guys, my brother told me to bring you guys to the rescue.”

Gao Qilan said!

“It’s fine, I’m just wounded.”

Kai shook his head and said!

“You guys come back to the Gao family with me first, and the matter of finding the treasure will be discussed when you get well.”

“Demon cultivators have been too rampant in the Far North recently, and many cultivators who came to search for treasures have been slaughtered.”

“Many people have died now, in your condition, it’s dangerous to keep searching.”

Gao Qilan advised Kai!

Kai nodded, although he wanted to find the real treasure and get the Ice Pill Pill as soon as possible, but the current situation did not allow him to search any further!

Moreover, Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng were still at the Gao family, and Kai also happened to want to go and meet them!

Old Sun and the others also knew that in their condition, they were not fit to walk in the Extreme North either, so they agreed to go to the Gao family too!

Soon the group set off and headed for the Gao family!

And Linglong, who had been teleported away, had by now arrived at the place where Kai had just followed Protector Cang and the others to fight!

Looking at the traces of the battle on the ground, and the fragments of the pagoda, Linglong’s brow was furrowed!

“Protector Cang’s magic treasures are shattered, what kind of expert did he encounter?”

Linglong didn’t know that Protector Cang and the others had been killed by Kai’s men!

The pagoda had also been shattered by Kai!

Just as Linglong wondered what other experts were out there, Inferno’s voice rang out in her ears!

“Protector Cang and the two of them are dead, how did you do your job? Get your ass back here at once ……”

Listening to Inferno Demon’s sharp voice, Linglong’s forehead instantly broke into cold sweat!

But still obediently obeyed and disappeared with a long leap!


The Gao family!

After knowing that Gao Qilan had gone to pick up Kai, Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng were all overjoyed and excitedly waiting for Kai!

“Sister Jia Meng, when the master comes, I’ll let him spoil you well, for the master’s sake, you’ve also come with us to this Celestial Realm for so long.”

Fire Phoenix said to Yu Jiameng!

Yu Jiameng’s face turned red when she heard that, “Don’t talk nonsense, I don’t know Kai well at all ……”

“What’s familiar or not, you’ll be familiar after a sleep.”

Fire Phoenix said with a smile!

“You still say, Yu Qi people’s real girlfriend, has not slept with Kai yet, you all shortcut first.”

Yu Jia Meng said!

“Hahahaha, Sister Yuqi needs to be explicitly married, we don’t need ……”

Fire Phoenix laughed hahahaha!

Soon, Kai and the others appeared, while Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng, who had been expecting it, saw the figures and quickly ran out!

It had been so long since they had come to the Celestial Realm, and they had gone through all the hardships to find Kai, and now they finally saw him!

“Master, Master …………”

The fire phoenix flew towards Kai and finally jumped straight into Kai’s arms!

“Fire Phoenix ……” Kai hugged the fire phoenix tightly.

“Kai ……” Yu Jia Meng also came forward and shouted in a small voice at Kai!

“Master, Sister Jia Meng also came after you righteously in order to save you when you were sucked into the Celestial Realm.”

Fire Phoenix followed Kai and said!

“Miss Yu, thank you ……”

Kai said politely as he followed Yu Jiameng!

“Fire Phoenix, Kai and the others are already very tired from being chased by the demonic cultivators, let them rest first, let’s talk about what they have to say when they are well rested!”

Gao Qilan said to Fire Phoenix!

Fire Phoenix nodded, then the group entered the Gao family, Gao Qilan had already arranged for a place to stay!

After settling in, Gao Qilan found Kai and said “Kai, my brother wants to see you, come with me ……”


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