A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2937

“The Pale Protector …………”

Another demon cultivator yelled out when he saw his companion being killed by Kai with a whip!

But Old Sun and the others rose up to attack, not giving that demon cultivator any chance to catch his breath!

Kai looked at the Demon Whip in his hand, his face full of smiles, this was really good against demon cultivators!

“You guys back off, I’ll deal with this guy ……”

Kai took the demon-drawing whip, leapt and, followed by a whip towards the demon cultivator!

Only to see a lightning fast breath, like a sharp blade rushing away!

Seeing this, Old Sun and the others hurriedly retreated backwards!

And the demon cultivator looked at Kai, his eyes full of anger, and swung his palm out violently, a fire dragon instantly appeared and roared towards Kai!

But the moment Kai’s demon-drawing whip touched the fire dragon!

The sound of thunder rang out across the snowy plains!

The fire dragon instantly collapsed, while Kai’s Demon Whip, with its demonic fire, instantly reached the demonic cultivator!

Slap …………

With a crisp sound, the supreme fire on the Demon Whip instantly turned into a sea of fire and surrounded that Demon Cultivator!

The flames that shot up into the sky rose up!

Faced with the purest of the devil’s fire, the demon cultivator was unable to resist in the slightest!

From the beginning, when he was entangled by Old Sun and the others, to when he was struck by Kai with a whip!

This Demon Cultivator was in fear from the beginning to the end!

The extreme fear had left him with no way to bring out his strongest strength!

Otherwise, Kai’s whip would not have been able to kill him so easily!

In the midst of the flames of the supreme fire, the demonic cultivator let out a guttural wail, and finally turned into flying ash as well, disappearing completely!

The others looked at Kai in silence, inwardly shocked beyond measure!

A single whip had killed an eighth-ranked cultivator of the Harmonious Body Realm!

The Demon Whip, the Dragon Tattooed Bell.

Which of them are not unparalleled divine weapons? If this were anyone else, if they had one of these supreme treasures, they would have been overjoyed to death!

But Kai now possessed two of them, and these two were not necessarily all Kai had!

A small cultivator of the third rank of the Harmonious Body realm possessed two supreme treasures!

But Old Sun and the others didn’t know that the Dragon Cutting Sword in Kai’s hand was also considered a divine weapon, especially because of the sword spirit, Zhong Li, and if Zhong Li was restored as before, the power of the Dragon Cutting Sword could be doubled several times!

And the God King’s Bow, if Kai still had the God King’s Bow in his hand now, he might even be able to fight with that Linglong!

If Kai had taken out all these divine weapons, Old Sun and the others would probably be so envious that they wouldn’t want to live!

“Let’s get going, we need to find a safe place to recover now before we do!”

Kai said to the few people who were still in shock!

Old Sun and the others nodded, then followed Kai and left quickly!

They had to leave this area as quickly as possible, or else they would really be killed if they were discovered by the demonic cultivators again!

Just as Kai and the others were quickly fleeing, there were suddenly several more terrifying auras, coming towards them from far and near!

This time, Kai and all of them frowned!

“It’s over, it’s over, are these demonic cultivators endless?”

Ji Yun was badly injured, and if he ran into the demon cultivators again at this point, then he would definitely die!

“Damn it, when did so many devil cultivators appear in this extreme north land? Aren’t these guys long overdue for extinction, but they are still all highly powerful!”

“It’s f*cking unlucky …………”

Old Kong cursed, originally wanted to come to the extreme north land to look for treasures, this time what treasures did not find, probably life will be here!

Kai held his breath and concentrated, gathering the power of his divine sense to its maximum capacity!

Soon, a smile appeared on Kai’s face and he said to the crowd, “These are not demonic cultivators, they are here to save us ……”

After saying that, Kai led several people quickly towards the direction of those breaths!

When they saw the figures, the others breathed a sigh of relief!


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