A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2936

“This is my Dragon Tattooed Bell, a magic treasure of magic treasures, a hundred times stronger than your trash magic treasure ……”

Kai sneered!

“Impossible, how is that possible ……”

“You’re only a third grade cultivator of the Combined Body realm, even if you had a top grade magic treasure, you wouldn’t have the ability to manipulate it.”

Protector Cang simply did not believe that the bell in Kai’s hand was a top grade magic treasure!

“You love to believe it or not ……”

Kai was full of disdain!

“Kid, you destroyed my magic treasure, I will break you into pieces ……”

Protector Cang was furious and slapped his palm towards Kai!

And Kai was not slow to press his palm against the dragon bell, and a divine dragon’s power struck into it!

Roar …………

With a loud roar!

Immediately afterwards the dragon tattoo on the Dragon Tattoo Bell began to flicker with light, along with that light, the dragon tattoo seemed to come to life, and finally broke away from the Dragon Tattoo Bell and turned into a green dragon, hovering above Kai’s head!

When Protector Cang saw this, he was shocked, and the palm that he had originally slapped out sharply retracted, looking at Kai in shock

“This …… is the Green Dragon? The real divine beast Green Dragon?”

Protector Cang and the other Protector, their faces pale with fright, kept retreating backwards!

Ji Yun, along with Old Sun and the others, were also filled with shock as they looked at the scene before them, each swallowing their saliva!

Looking at the Green Dragon in front of them, Ji Yun and Old Kong and the others had mixed feelings inside!

They were glad that at the last minute, they had all followed Kai and turned their grievances into peace!

They had never imagined that Kai had so many life-preserving tactics on him!

If they hadn’t followed Kai at that time, they might have been the ones facing this green dragon now!

Roar …………

The green dragon roared fiercely, its sharp claws tearing through the void and heading straight for that Cang Protector with the aura of destroying all things!

The Green Dragon was as fast as lightning as it clawed at Protector Cang!

Seeing this, Protector Cang turned around and tried to run, but he was caught by the claw of the Green Dragon on his back, ripping off a piece of flesh.

Protector Cang fell to the ground badly injured, his eyes filled with terror!

Seeing this, the other Protector guarded Protector Cang’s body, and his body trembled slightly!

Roar …………

Once again, the green dragon let out a loud roar and opened its bloody mouth so wide that it almost scared the demon cultivator to death!

Only, instead of attacking again, the Green Dragon’s body slowly retreated backwards and finally circled around Kai’s head before returning to the Dragon Tattooed Bell!

Kai put the Dragon Pattern Bell into his storage ring and looked at the demon cultivator with a frank expression “Who just said that I don’t know the sky is high?”

“Now let me, a brat who does not know the high ground of heaven, send you to the West ……”

Kai’s eyes burst out with a cold aura!

At the same time, Ji Yun and Old Sun had Kai’s voice ringing in their ears!

“If you guys don’t do it yet, what are you waiting for ……”

Hearing Kai’s voice, several people lit up before their eyes and instantly attacked towards that demonic cultivator!

At this moment, that demon cultivator had already been scared out of his wits by the Green Dragon and was now in a real state of panic!

He was directly caught off guard by Old Sun’s attack!

Just as Ji Yun was following that demon cultivator in a tangle, Kai had already taken out his demon-drawing whip and was heading straight for that Cang Protector!

Kai still understood the principle of taking advantage of your illness!

He would not let these two demon cultivators go!

Protector Cang was badly injured and fell to the ground, watching as Kai came with the Demon Whip!

“Kid, you dare to kill me, the Yan Devil Ancestor will not let you go ……”

Protector Cang shouted with a face full of panic!

“Hmph, I don’t care about your devil ……”

Kai lashed out with a whip towards Protector Cang!

And on this demon-drawing whip, there was even a demon supreme fire, an incomparably pure demon supreme fire!

“You …… how come you also have Demonic Supreme Fire?”

Protector Cang was confused, he couldn’t figure out how Kai had also refined the purest devil fire?

Could it be that even a human cultivator could just refine their Inferno Demon’s Demon Flame?

Just as Protector Cang was in a daze, Kai lashed down with a whip!

Protector Cang let out a miserable cry and his body was instantly engulfed in flames, turning even his flesh and soul into ashes.


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