A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2935

On the other hand, Ji Yun was slapped in the chest by Protector Cang, and his entire body instantly flew backwards far away!

The difference in strength, coupled with the fact that Ji Yun was already exhausted, how could he be a match for Protector Cang!

However, although Ji Yun’s palm strike was not life-threatening!

Because Protector Cang knew that Ji Yun knew the Devil’s Fire, he didn’t want to kill him, he wanted to take Ji Yun back and let the Inferno Devil study him to see how this human cultivator had refined the Devil’s Fire!

In fact, Protector Cang did not know that the Demon Flame was not Ji Yun’s, but just a strand of the Flame that Kai had given him!

“I told you to meekly fold your arms and still dare to resist, this is what happens when you resist ……”

Protector Cang had a cold smile on his face, in his eyes he simply despised these human cultivators!

But at that moment, a mellifluous bell suddenly sounded!

The sound seemed to be coming from within that pagoda.

After hearing this voice, Protector Cang’s brow furrowed “Could it be that kid isn’t dead?”

There’s no way a third-ranked cultivator of the Combined Body realm could be crushed under a pagoda and still be alive!

“Impossible, right? This pagoda suppressed a seventh ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm and all of them were killed with a single blow, how can a mere third ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm not die?”

The other Protector said with a puzzled expression!

Just as the two were wondering, all of a sudden, the huge pagoda suddenly moved!

It seemed to be lifted up by something and slowly began to levitate into mid-air!

But within the pagoda, there was no figure of Kai!

“Huh, where did that kid go? How did this tower rise up on its own?”

Protector Cang was dumbfounded, not knowing exactly what had happened!

Soon, Kai’s figure slowly rose up from the deep pit, his entire body hovering beneath the tower, looking at Protector Cang with an icy expression.

“A waste magic treasure, and you still want to suppress me? What a joke ……”

Kai laughed coldly!

“You’re actually not dead?” Protector Cang’s face was full of surprise!

Even the others were astonished, after all, they could also feel the terrifying aura within that pagoda, Kai was crushed inside and he hadn’t died!

And he had even held the pagoda up, this was outrageous!

“Kid, you dare to call my magic treasure a waste, I’ll let you taste its power today.”

After Protector Cang finished speaking, he shouted, “Suppress it for me ……”

The pagoda was pressed downward with great force, but no matter how hard he pushed, the pagoda did not move at all!

“What’s going on here ……?”

The puzzled face of Protector Cang, and then once again injected a spiritual power, but it still did not help!

“Protector Cang, let me help you ……”

The other Protector, directly beside Protector Cang, also punched a spiritual power into the pagoda, the two of them joined hands to suppress Kai!

But Kai stood calmly under the pagoda, and as if he was afraid of Kai, the pagoda trembled violently, but did not come down to suppress him!

This confused the two demon cultivators and left them in a daze!

“This this this …………”

Cang Guardian was at a loss as to what to do!

“I told you that this magic treasure is a waste and you still don’t believe me, since you don’t believe me, then I’ll let you see a real magic treasure ……”

Kai finished and flicked his fingers!

Only to see that the pagoda instantly trembled, followed by getting bigger and bigger, and a crack appeared!

Finally, with a boom, the pagoda actually shattered instantly, with broken pieces scattered all over the place!

But after the pagoda shattered, there was actually a bell suspended inside.

With a wave of Kai’s hand, the Dragon Pattern Bell instantly became smaller and fell onto Kai’s hand!

“This is the real magic treasure, yours is a waste ……”

Kai said with a disdainful laugh.

Poof …………

Seeing that his magic treasure had been destroyed and he had been humiliated, Protector Cang was so furious that he spat out a mouthful of blood!

“What …… are you doing with this again?”

Protector Cang asked incredulously!


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