A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2934

The two people together, immediately froze, but soon, that Cang protector will haha laughing said “kid, you do not want to lie to us, our first lady’s strength, is not a bunch of you ants can kill.”

“Our Eldest Miss can kill you all with just one hand ……”

“Believe it or not, since your Eldest Miss wasn’t killed by us, can you still feel the presence of her breath?”

Kai smiled faintly, then added “Three of us on our side are of the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm and one of the seventh rank of the Harmony Realm, do you think that just the two of you can be our opponents?”

The reason why Kai did not say anything about his own strength was to make these two people ignore his existence!

When both of them did not regard Kai as a dangerous existence, then Kai was at his most dangerous!

“Hmph, all of you are injured, don’t think I don’t know that even if you weren’t injured, you wouldn’t be a match for the two of us.”

“Cut the crap and do it ……”

With that, Protector Cang actually palmed the huge pagoda spell, which emanated a faint glow around it!

A dull roar resounded violently, spreading in all directions!

Kai looked at the pagoda in Protector Cang’s hand and knew that this magic treasure was not simple, so he frowned slightly!

“Pagoda Zhen Qian Kun …………”

Protector Cang shouted, followed by throwing the pagoda in his hand towards mid-air!

A stream of spiritual energy punched into the pagoda, and it began to rise wildly against the wind, soon becoming huge!

The pagoda came towards Kai and the others.

The crowd was shocked at the sight of this, and they all retreated backwards!

Kai desperately retreated, but within the pagoda, a sound like the sound of a bell was emitted, a sound that seemed to have some kind of magical power, causing Kai’s divine sense to stagnate!

It was as if he was dumb, and he didn’t move at all!

Soon, Kai was suppressed by the pagoda!

There was a rumble!

The pagoda smashed viciously into the ground, surprisingly creating a deep crater!

Ice and snow splashed around it, instantly obscuring a large portion of the sky!

“Mr Chen …………”

“Little brother …………”

Seeing that Kai had actually been suppressed by the pagoda down there, Ji Yun and Old Sun and the others were all shocked!

They had to know that although Kai’s realm looked the lowest in here, but if they really fought, they still had to count on Kai!

Kai knew spell formations and still had the Demon Whip in his hand!

Now that Kai was trapped, the remaining four were all in a state of shock!

“Hmph, a tiny third grade cultivator of the Harmony Realm dares to jump in front of me, he really doesn’t know how high the sky is.”

Protector Cang snorted coldly, then placed his gaze on Ji Yun “Kid, you actually know our Demon Clan’s Supreme Fire, now you’d better behave and give up, or you’ll die a horrible death!”

“Damn you, I won’t give up even if I die, you demon cultivators are nothing but rats, how dare you be so arrogant ……”

Ji Yun cursed at Protector Cang!

Protector Cang frowned, his face turned icy cold, and then in a flash of his body, he reached Ji Yun!

Ji Yun fought to slap out his palm, and a huge palm print appeared!

And when Old Sun and the three of them saw this, they also struck out together!

Now they had to unite as one, otherwise they would all be killed one by one by these demonic cultivators!

“Things that don’t know how to die ……”

Seeing this, the other Protector leapt up and two scorching flames instantly rose up!

“Blazing Flame Palm …………”

Countless palm imprints, burning with flames, headed towards Old Sun as well as Zuo Qing and the three of them!

Seeing this, the three of them could only strike a barrier to dodge the fiery flames!

The three of them were already wounded and their physical strength was greatly depleted, so they were forced to retreat under the fiery palm!


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