A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2933

“Damned thing, stop right there ……”

Protector Cang and the other one burst out in bursts of flame, directly engulfing the Supreme Flame Ji Yun had thrown out!

What Kai had given Ji Yun was only a wisp of Supreme Flame, so it wasn’t much use in front of these two!

In fact, Kai also knew that he was only relying on this strand of Supreme Flame to anger these two people!

Only when the other side was furious would they be able to catch a break!

When Ji Yun saw that the two had easily broken the Supreme Flame given by Kai, he was scared and fled desperately!

If the two caught up with him, it would be the end of him!

The two men behind him were so desperate that Ji Yun buried his head and ran for his life!

But just as the two put all their attention on Ji Yun, the earth suddenly trembled, followed by a chain of aura rising up to the sky, directly binding the two!

“Oh no, there’s an ambush, fallen for it ……”

Cang Guardian was startled and hurriedly fought to break free from the aura chains as the two men retreated backwards!

But at that moment, four figures had already appeared, and various storms came towards the two of them!

Seeing this, Protector Cang could only lead the other one to continue to retreat backwards, as he had no idea, at the moment, how many people there were on the other side, and what their strength really was!

Just now, they had only focused on Ji Yun, so they hadn’t used their divine sense to probe the surroundings, which had given the others an opportunity to take advantage of the situation!

The two of them, Protector Cang, were retreating backwards in a hurry, just now they were in a chasing stance, but now they were running away!

The tide had turned in an instant!

But as Protector Cang and the two were speeding backwards, they realised that the four figures that had just appeared did not come after them, but after striking two strokes, their bodies turned around and ran away!

Originally, the two Cang Guardians were in a situation to chase, and the distance between the two sides was not only narrowing, but now the two of them began to desperately retreat!

And Kai, a few people, also turned and ran, both sides began to walk opposite each other, so the distance was instantly pulled far apart!

By the time Protector Cang reacted, Kai and the others were long gone!

“Fuck, fooled again ……”

Seeing this, Protector Cang gnashed his back teeth in hatred!

Having been teased repeatedly, Protector Cang was about to die of anger!

Just now, he had just been too cautious and hadn’t noticed that his opponent’s moves were all false moves, without the slightest bit of offensive power!

Now, it was a little too late to find out!

“These two demon cultivators are much weaker than the woman just now, one at the early stage of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm and one at the peak of the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm.”

“If we weren’t so consumed and exhausted now, and you guys were still injured, we wouldn’t have to fear these two at all!”

As Kai fled, he analysed the strength of both sides!

Kai’s strength on their side was actually not weak in the slightest when compared to the two Cang Guardians, the reason why Kai had to lead the crowd to flee!

For one, they were very weak now, and almost all of them were injured!

Secondly, they were afraid that there would be others, and if there were two more demon cultivators of this strength, then they would not even have a chance to escape!

But just as Kai was fleeing, suddenly the void around them trembled, as if space was about to collapse!

Then they saw a pagoda-like treasure behind them, coming after them at a great speed!

It soon overtook them and landed heavily in front of them!

And on top of the pagoda, the two Cang Guardian had a cold face “Humph, ignorant things, to tease us repeatedly, simply damned ……”

Kai and the others could only stop when they saw that they had such a magic treasure!

“You two demon cultivators, are you still having an end to this? Can’t you see how many of us there are?”

“Not to mention that one of you has just promoted to the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm and the other the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm, even that little b*tch just now, with the peak strength of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm, was still killed by us!”

“If you two don’t want to die, then hurry up and get the hell out of here ……”

Kai threatened at the two!

Since they couldn’t run away, they couldn’t show cowardice!


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