A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2932

“I don’t know either, but if we catch up with those people, we’ll know the whereabouts of Eldest Miss ……”

After Protector Cang finished speaking, between flashes of his body, he chased towards Kai and the others!

Kai and the others were desperately trying to escape, but they were about to be caught up by the two!

“Damn, these demon cultivators are really persistent, they are actually chasing after them ……”

Kai couldn’t help but curse!

Old Sun and the others also felt the pursuit of the two demonic cultivators behind them, and frowned slightly!

They were already injured and had also expended a lot of physical strength, and now they couldn’t escape at all fast!

If this continued, they would soon be caught up!

“We can’t run, we have to prepare to meet the enemy before we can, if we keep running like this, we’ll be caught up too.”

“By then we won’t even have the strength to defend ourselves against the enemy ……”

Kai stopped, he knew that running like this wasn’t an option, the other side had already scouted their scent!

Even if they ran as hard as they could, there was no way they could outrun the pursuers behind them!

“Right, we can’t run, if we keep running like this, sooner or later we’ll be caught up, we might as well rest and recover a bit of strength.”

Ji Yun also stopped!

Seeing this, Old Sun, Old Kong and Zuo Qing all stopped too, they also knew that Kai was right!

“Little brother, what do you say, what do we do? We all listen to you ……”

Old Sun asked as he turned to Kai!

Kai spread out his divine sense and sensed the location of the two demonic cultivators, then had a look around, then called Ji Yun to him and said “Brother Ji, now you need to pretend to be seriously injured and then physically exhausted, you need to fool the two demonic cultivators!”

“How do I fool them?” Ji Yun asked in confusion!

Kai then whispered a few words in Ji Yun’s ear before saying “This is a bit dangerous, do you dare to do it?”

“Dare, what’s not to dare ……”

Ji Yun nodded heavily!

Kai opened his hand and a flame pulsated in his palm, then Kai wrapped the flame with spiritual energy and turned it into an orb!

Kai handed this orb to Ji Yun, and after a few words of advice, Kai took Old Sun and the others away!

Right after Kai and the others had left, Ji Yun fluffed himself up and then lay down on the ground!

And his own breath was showing very weak!

Just as the two demonic cultivators caught up, they soon found Ji Yun lying on the ground!

When divine sense swept over Ji Yun’s body, they found that Ji Yun’s aura was weak and that Ji Yun was not strong, which made the two demonic cultivators let down their guard!

“This guy is still alive, I’ll go over and ask what they really are ……”

“Also I’ll ask them if they know where Missy is.”

Guardian Cang thought that Ji Yun was too badly injured and down to run, so he slowly walked towards Ji Yun!

“Protector Cang, be careful, don’t be deceitful ……”

Another Protector warned!

“Don’t worry ……” After Protector Cang finished speaking, he grabbed his big hand towards the void, a huge axe instantly condensed into shape, and immediately afterwards, it reached Ji Yun!

After taking a look at Ji Yun, the axe in Protector Cang’s hand, slashed down towards Ji Yun!

And just as the huge axe was about to fall, Ji Yun, who was originally lying on the ground with his breath weak, suddenly leapt up, and his eyes flashed with a brilliant aura!

“Go to hell ……”

Ji Yun shouted, and casually threw the fireball in his hand out!

Boom ……

The fireball instantly exploded, forming a sea of fire in an instant!

The sea of fire instantly engulfed Protector Cang!

The Protector Cang, who was in the middle of the sea of fire, felt the heat wave attacking him and instantly retreated backwards!

“Fire? Such pure devilish supreme fire, who the hell are you ……”

Protector Cang asked at Ji Yun as he retreated!

“I’m your father ……”

Ji Yun cursed before turning around and running!


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