A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2931

But just as Linglong jumped into the teleportation array, she noticed that Kai and the others in the teleportation array were nowhere to be seen!

These people had appeared outside the teleportation formation at some unknown time!

In fact, Kai and the others hadn’t entered the teleportation formation at all, they were just confusing Linglong!

The teleportation formation that Kai had drawn was not capable of teleporting so many people, and it was also extremely unstable!

Right after Linglong entered the teleportation formation, Kai instantly struck several runes, along with the runes lighting up, Linglong’s face became ugly!

Linglong desperately tried to break free, but she found that her body seemed to be out of control, followed by becoming more and more illusory!

“Do you think this teleportation array is for us to escape? It was actually prepared for you, to teleport you away!”

“Although this teleportation formation can’t cause you any damage, you won’t be able to catch me either ……”

Kai looked at Linglong with a smug look on his face!

Linglong roared in anger, and beyond her body, space trembled for a moment while her body was becoming a blur!

A force of space was pulling Linglong in a deadly way, making it impossible for Linglong to break free!

Linglong was about to die from anger, she never thought that she would fall for Kai’s trick!

She had never thought that she would fall for Kai’s trick! She was a great cultivator at the peak of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm, but she had been teased by Kai, a small cultivator at the third rank of the Harmony Realm!

But no matter how angry Linglong was, she could not stop the teleportation array from starting, and soon Linglong’s figure slowly disappeared!

It was only when Linglong’s breath had completely disappeared that everyone breathed a sigh of relief!

And Kai was sitting on the ground, breathing heavily!

Carving the teleportation array and performing spatial teleportation had caused Kai to consume a lot of energy!

“It was too close, if this teleportation formation fails to start, we’ll all die here ……”

Ji Yun said as he wiped a handful of cold sweat!

“We’d better leave quickly, there’s more than just this one demonic cultivator here, if we encounter such a powerful demonic cultivator before, then we’re really dead ……”

Kai just took a few breaths and then said!

Old Sun and the others also knew that what Kai said was true, if they encountered such a powerful demonic cultivator, they would only have to sit and wait for death!

“I was already very lucky to be able to start the teleportation array this time, I won’t be so lucky next time, and I don’t have the ability to carve a teleportation array again!”

“Moreover, I don’t know exactly how far this teleportation array can teleport out, so it’s better for us to leave as soon as possible!”

Kai and the others had won this bet, and weren’t relying on their true strength to get rid of Linglong!

“Right, we’d better leave this place of right and wrong as soon as possible ……”

Old Sun followed suit!

Soon, a few people picked up speed and headed in the opposite direction from where they started!

This way, they could bypass those demonic cultivators, after all, those demonic cultivators wouldn’t expect that Kai and the others would turn back!

Not long after Kai and the others had fled, the two guardians Linglong had brought with her had by now gathered around and come across each other!

“Eldest Miss’ aura has disappeared, what the hell is going on?”

Protector Cang said with a grave expression!

They had sensed Linglong’s aura, which had suddenly disappeared, and where it had disappeared, was in this very area!

“There are signs of a fight here, could it be that something untoward has happened to Eldest Miss?”

Another Protector said!

“How is it possible, Eldest Miss’ strength at the peak of the ninth rank of the Combined Body realm is higher than both you and I, how could she have met with an untimely death.”

Protector Cang didn’t believe it at all!

“Then why would Eldest Miss’ aura, suddenly disappear? That’s not scientific?”

The other Protector couldn’t figure out why Linglong’s aura had suddenly disappeared!


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