A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2930

“Gryphons who don’t know what they’re doing, do you think that great cultivators who will step into the Transmigration realm are something you can just defeat?”

“Simply ridiculous, ridiculous to the extreme …………”

“Don’t think that your strength is not much different from mine, but in fact it is a hundred thousand miles different.”

“When you reach a realm like mine, you will understand, all I need now is an opportunity to step into the Transmigration realm.”

“Perhaps today you guys are my opportunity ……”

Instead of being scared, Linglong was facing the terrifying attacks of so many people, but instead with a bit of excitement!

She had been trapped at the peak of the ninth rank of the Combined Body Realm for a long time, and the opportunity she needed had never appeared!

And today, perhaps it was the time for the opportunity to appear!

Just see Linglong’s hands gently lift, and around her body, a ball of flame slowly appeared!

There were seven orbs of to fire in all, spinning around Linglong’s body!

The seven orbs spun faster and faster, finally turning into a pillar of flame and light, and Linglong disappeared from before the crowd’s eyes, as if she had become part of the flames!

When the crowd saw this scene, their pupils couldn’t help but shrink and their hearts trembled slightly!

As the pillar of flame and light continued to rotate, the sky and earth instantly changed colour, and the surrounding snow was directly evaporated, revealing a crystal clear ice surface!

The pillar of flame grew larger and larger, and finally, at the very centre of the pillar of flame, a dazzling ball of fire appeared!

This was the purest form of demonic fire.

The ball of fire slowly descended, and the crowd was surprised to find that Linglong had appeared within the ball of fire at some point!

All of Ji Yun’s attacks were instantly shattered when they touched the ball of fire, and then turned into spiritual energy and scattered in all directions!

Even the fire dragon that Kai had waved was instantly absorbed by the ball of fire as it approached.

And those fierce beasts turned into cold Qi were reduced to nothingness by the scorching flames before they could reach Linglong!

Ji Yun’s face was filled with shock as they hurriedly tried to retreat, but they were swept by the scattered spiritual energy and flew backwards!

Each of them looked at Linglong with resignation, three of them were of the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm and one of the seventh rank of the Harmony Realm, but they couldn’t even help Linglong!

Not to mention the fact that Kai was still there, but to no avail!

Linglong, who was still in the fireball, looked at them with contempt and said, “A bunch of ignorant ants, do you know the difference between us now?”

Linglong slowly raised her arms, the fire ball kept spinning and the spiritual energy around her kept gathering!

Ji Yun and Old Sun looked at Linglong in front of them, looking somewhat helpless, and finally all looked at Kai!

They had all pinned their hopes on Kai!

At that moment, Kai had finished drawing the complex spell formation, and Kai put a drop of bright red blood in the middle of the spell formation!

Seeing Linglong attacking towards Ji Yun and the others, Kai leapt out from within the spell formation and shouted towards since “Hurry up and go into the spell formation ……”

The first time Ji Yun and Lao Sun heard this, they hurriedly ran into the spell formation that Kai had set up.

Although several people did not know what kind of spell formation Kai had laid down, but since Kai had said so, the spell formation could definitely save their lives!

“You still want to run? Simply delusional ……”

Linglong sneered!

Kai had already taken out his Demon Whip by now, and facing Linglong’s huge fireball, the Demon Whip instantly lashed out at the fireball!

Snap …………

A crisp sound was heard as the Demon Whip exploded with a light!

This light struck directly on top of the fireball, causing Linglong’s body to fiercely stagnate.

Linglong’s brow also furrowed, the power of the Demon Whip caused her to be within this fireball in time, but she still felt the oppressive power!

Just as Linglong was stalled, Kai seized the moment and his entire body quickly jumped into the spell formation as well!

Immediately after the spell formation was activated, a white curtain of light slowly rose up around it!

“A teleportation formation? You want to escape by using the teleportation formation, I will definitely not let you get away with it ……”

Linglong leapt into the teleportation formation!


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