A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2929

At this time, Ji Yun and the others, who were hiding not far away, listened to Kai and Linglong’s conversation and were all filled with puzzlement!

They couldn’t understand how this Kai had started flirting after the woman from the demon cultivation?

He even wanted to have a double act on the spot!

Did he let them watch a luxurious show for free?

Listening to Kai’s words, Linglong still wore a smile “Sister I would love to have a good tangle with you right now, but there are other people around here, so sister’s body can’t be seen by others!”

“Wait until I kill the others, before I strip naked and give you a good look ……”

After Linglong finished speaking, a flame instantly emerged from her body and shot straight up to the clouds!

This flame then wrapped around Kai to prevent him from escaping!

But just as the flame wrapped around Kai, Kai’s body actually began to vanish and eventually disappeared!

Linglong’s smile instantly froze on his face, his brow frowning slightly “A mere third grade of the Harmonious Body Realm, to be able to cultivate a split body and still be so bashful, even I was fooled, it seems that you are really not simple ……”

Linglong didn’t expect that this was only Kai’s doppelganger, not the main body, and she didn’t notice it in the slightest because the aura on this doppelganger, was no different, so Linglong didn’t notice it!

Even Ji Yun and Old Sun were amazed, they didn’t know when Kai had cultivated his doppelganger, they all thought it was Kai’s body!

No wonder Kai was nagging after Linglong, he was just stalling for time!

“You guys haven’t done anything yet, you’ve all been spotted ……”

Kai had appeared behind a few people at some point!

Upon hearing Kai’s words, the four of them instantly leapt up!

Three of the eighth rank of the Combined Body realm and one of the seventh rank of the Combined Body realm, this kind of strength was also terrifying!

Along with the four men flying out, at the same time each of them sent out an aura chain, binding Linglong!

At the same time, that Ji Yun spurted out a mouthful of essence blood, causing the ground to tremble, while a wall of ice rose up, trapping Linglong!

“Prison of Subjugation ……”

Only Old Kong roared out, and immediately above Linglong’s head, countless light as thin as silk threads kept interweaving and interspersing, soon forming a great net!

The net came down with a bang and wrapped Linglong to death!

Now Linglong was bound by aura chains, surrounded by a wall of ice, and also wrapped in the silk net, it looked like she was completely controlled!

“Hmph, a bunch of unknowing gnats ……”

Linglong snorted coldly, without the slightest hint of panic on her face, but instead with a bit of mockery!

Only to see the red flames on Linglong’s body begin to erupt, the sky-rushing flames blossomed like fireworks, causing the heavens and earth to change colour and space to tremble!

In the blink of an eye, both the wire mesh and the ice wall were all reduced to ashes, disappearing without a trace!

As for Ji Yun and the four of them, they were swiftly knocked back by the huge flames, and even so, the four of them still felt the backlash of that heat wave!

The four of them looked at each other, then without the slightest pause, they launched another attack towards Linglong!

They knew that if they didn’t fight for their lives at this time, then they would really be dead!

Each of the four men waved a storm of terrifying power towards Linglong from all four directions at the same time!

At the same time, Kai also whipped out a fire dragon, roaring towards Linglong!

Immediately afterwards, a hissing sound emerged from the spell formation Kai had set up, as various fierce beasts, wrapped in cold air, hissed and charged towards Linglong!

At this moment, everyone was fighting with all their might!

As he swung out a fire dragon, Kai had already hurriedly retreated backwards, he wasn’t running away, but was struggling to carve intricate patterns on top of that vast expanse of snow!

This was Kai trying to set up a formation, and what he needed now was time!

Linglong actually laughed in the face of so many terrifying attacks


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