A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2928

“Elder Shi, you two go back to the Flying Sky Sect, if I don’t make it back in a month, then it’ll prove that I’m dead.”

“But you can tell my father that I died to kill the demon cultivators, so it’s considered removing the evil for the people!”

Ji Yun said to Shi Tieqiao.

“Gongzi, this …………”

Shi Tieqiao didn’t know what to do!

“Go away, you guys are useless to stay ……”

Ji Yun told Shi Tieqiao and the old crone to go!

In the end, there was no way out, Shi Tieqiao and the old crone left too!

Liu Ruyan, on the other hand, looked at Kai with fondness, but in the end, she also left, because she knew that if she stayed, she would only add to Kai’s burden.

After all those with low strength had left, Kai began to make arrangements!

At this time, they all took the initiative to listen to Kai’s arrangements, after all, these people’s lives were all saved by Kai!

After Kai had made the arrangements, he saw a human figure flying not far away and then stopped in front of Kai!

This person was none other than Linglong!

Linglong was dressed in red, with flames burning around her, staring intently at Kai!

“Are all demon cultivators so rampant now? Not concealing their aura?”

Kai said slowly to Linglong!

Linglong looked at Kai in surprise, a look of astonishment flashing in her eyes “A small third grade cultivator of the Harmony Realm, what kind of energy do you have that you dare to face me so directly?”

“Did you kill two of my men? Did you refine the Supreme Fire? Do you have a demon-drawing whip in your hand?”

Linglong asked a series of questions at Kai, not taking Kai into consideration in the slightest, for the difference in their strength was too great!

Linglong felt that it was easier for her to kill Kai than to crush an ant.

“You’re asking me so many questions at once, which one do I have to answer you? But the questions you just asked were all made by me.”

Kai replied!

“You are very quick, since you did all of them, why didn’t you run, are you waiting for me here?”

Linglong had some interest in Kai, she couldn’t understand how Kai, a small cultivator of the third rank of the Harmony Realm, came to have so much guts to face her own expert of the peak of the ninth rank of the Harmony Realm and manage to not be afraid in the slightest!

“Why do you want to run? Shouldn’t it be you devil cultivators who run? You are the ones who are the street rats.”

“I’m here just waiting for you, I want to see what kind of person you really are, a devil cultivator who also dares to unrestrict his aura.”

Kai said with a cold smile!

When Linglong heard Kai’s words, she actually did not get angry, but laughed instead!

“So now that you see what I am, what are you going to do?”

Linglong asked with a playful look on her face!

“If you were a man, I would kill you, but you are a female demon cultivator who is still quite good looking, so I plan to rape and then kill ……”

Kai said in a serious manner!

When Linglong heard this, she instantly laughed “Hahahaha, you are so funny, I have never seen such a funny person before.”

“You have the Demon Whip in your hand, and you can also refine our Demon Clan’s Supreme Fire, proving that you have a destiny to follow our Demon Clan.”

“Why don’t you follow sister and join our devil clan, then sister can play with you as much as you want, and I can also double cultivate with you so that you can refine more supreme fire, how about that?”

“Remember, sister is not that casual, only when I meet someone I like will I spill my heart ……”

Linglong displayed a flirtatious look as she kept on giving Kai a discharge!

“If you say you want me to go with you, I’ll go with you? What if you don’t keep your promise when the time comes?”

Kai didn’t believe Linglong!

“Then what do you think I should do so that you can believe me?”

Linglong asked with a smile!

“Now take off your clothes and serve me well, as long as you serve me comfortably, I will naturally go with you ……”

Kai said with all seriousness!


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