A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2926

Although only the soul is left, when the time comes to find a new body or find some pills to reshape their flesh, they can survive again!

This way, although they would lose some of their strength, it was better than actually dying!

Just now, if the two of them hadn’t had the Supreme Fire protecting their heart veins, Kai’s demon-drawing whip would have sent their souls flying with a single whip.

“Older brother, we need to rush back as soon as possible, this kid has the Demon Whip in his hand, we need to tell the Demon Ancestor.”

Having said that, the two continued to fly towards the distance!

But just as they flew some distance away, they came across three people who had an unmistakable condensed aura and carried the aura of a demon race!

“Eldest Miss, it’s Eldest Miss ……”

When the two saw this, they instantly got excited and flew towards that side!

And these three were the very same Linglong who had brought the two demon protectors to check out the place where the soul was sealed and to take Kai away by the way!

Seeing the two demon cultivators’ souls, Linglong’s brow just furrowed!

“Why have you two turned into this state?”

Linglong asked with an icy expression!

“Eldest Miss, you have to avenge us two brothers, I didn’t expect those people to escape, the cave collapsed and those souls were buried underneath.”

A demon cultivator told the story exactly as it happened!

When Linglong heard about the demon whip, she obviously looked tense!

“You’re saying that not only does that kid know our Demon Clan’s Supreme Fire, he also has the Demon Whip in his hand?”

“Is he really only at the third rank of the Combined Body realm?”

Linglong was somewhat in disbelief.

How could a cultivator at the third rank of the Combination Realm have so many tricks up his sleeve, and besides how could that Demon Whip be in the hands of such a small cultivator?

“It’s true, although this kid is only at the third rank of the Harmony Realm, the power of divine sense is immense, it’s because of him that those people were able to escape.”

“The two of us are incompetent, please still punish us, Eldest Miss ……”

The two demonic cultivators knew that things had gone wrong, so they needed to receive punishment!

But the two were already in soul state, so they shouldn’t be punished too harshly!

“You two are indeed incompetent and do deserve to be punished ……”

Linglong’s eyes faintly stared, and a flame in her palm instantly engulfed the two’s souls!

“Ah …………”

“Eldest Miss, spare my life, spare my life ……”

“We have been loyal and have followed the Demon Ancestor for many years and have done so many things, why do you want to completely exterminate us?”

The two demon cultivators struggled, they didn’t understand why Linglong wanted to kill them both!

“It is because you have done so many things, that’s why you have to be killed, if you don’t die, won’t there be a risk of many secrets leaking out ……”

Linglong had a calm face, killing these two demonic cultivators was no different from crushing two ants!

The soul seal had been destroyed, and now the Demon Whip had also appeared in the world, all these were a blow to their demon race!

Now, demon cultivators were already rats in the street, and it had been so hard for so many years for the Yan Devils to gather a group of their men and bring them under their own use!

If this news spreads among the demon cultivators, it will inevitably cause panic, and some might even flee!

So to stabilise the army, the two had to be silenced as well!

Soon, the souls of the two devil cultivators were burnt without a trace by the Supreme Fire, and completely disappeared!

“Eldest Miss, what should we do? Should we continue to look for that person, or go back and report to the Demon Ancestor?”

A Protector said!

“Don’t tell the Master first, let’s go and find those people before we do, I want to capture that boy and offer the Demon Whip to the Master.”

“This is the only way to keep the Master from getting angry, otherwise we will definitely be scolded for going back now!”

Linglong knew that although it was these two guys who had done a bad job, but now that the Infernal Demon had left the matter to her, she would definitely be scolded if she did anything to the Infernal Demon’s displeasure!

To be scolded was a small matter, but to be out of favour as a result and have Su Yuqi become the redoubtable person beside Yan Mo, Ling Long felt that the loss would be great!

So she had to arrest Kai first and hand him over to Inferno Demon to be dealt with!


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