A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2925

The two demon cultivators looked at each other and their bodies instantly burst into flames!

The Devil’s Fire began to burn the Aura chains continuously!

In just a few moments, the two aura chains were instantly burnt!

“A mere aura chain, you want to trap us, it’s a joke, you should just give up and be captured ……”

One of the demon cultivators said with a cold smile on his face!

“With just the two of you, you still can’t catch me ……”

Kai laughed coldly!

Along with Kai’s cold laugh, several figures came galloping from afar!

These two devil cultivators simply, frown just a frown!

Only to see those trapped people, unexpectedly all escaped from the underground caves!

“You two damn fellows, you didn’t expect us all to escape, did you?”

Ji Yun looked at the two demonic cultivators and said through gritted teeth!

“Impossible, how could all of you have escaped? Did you guys not have your divine sense absorbed by that ice crystal?”

“That’s impossible, obviously those spirits broke through the seal, that would prove that enough divine sense was absorbed!”

The two demonic cultivators were dumbfounded, not understanding how these people were still fine since the spirits had broken through the seal!

“Hmph, Mr. Chen’s sea of consciousness is like a gushing river, his own power of divine sense is enough, he’s the one who saved everyone.”

Tile Tank said with a cold snort!


The two demon cultivators looked at Kai even more incredulously at this point!

They had lured many cultivators and never had a situation arise, but they never thought that this time they would mess up!

How could they have ever imagined that this small cultivator of the third rank of the Harmonious Body realm in front of them would have this much energy!

It was damned to the core!

This time, not only would they not be rewarded, they might even be punished!

They both wanted to eat Kai alive, but in the face of so many people, they didn’t dare to strike Kai easily!

“Don’t nag at them, kill them ……”

Old Kong was getting a little impatient!

He had never been so expected and humiliated before!

“Although there are many of you, it’s not that easy to kill our brothers.”

One demon cultivator finished speaking and suddenly opened his mouth, a flame spurted out from it!

Seeing this, the other demon cultivator also spewed out flames!

The flames instantly converged and formed a ball of fire!

Immediately afterwards a layer of blood red mist surrounded the two, and around this mist, there were flames burning again!

“Do it ……”

Old Kong shouted!

But just as the crowd was about to make their move, the flames around the two men began to explode!

At the same time the two men’s bodies were spinning so fast that they formed a whirlwind rising up from the ground!

“The two guys are trying to escape ……”

Kai could see that these two guys wanted to escape from the crowd with the help of the flame explosion!

Kai pulled out his demon-drawing whip and fiercely lashed out towards the spinning whirlwind!

Snap …………

There was a crisp sound, accompanied by a flash of white light, followed by two miserable screams!

The bodies of the two devil cultivators were instantly struck by the devil whip and were directly torn apart!

But the two flaming spirits took the opportunity to fly away towards the distance!

“Damn it, the two guys’ souls have escaped their bodies and run away ……”

Seeing this, Ji Yun was about to leap up and chase after them, but he was stopped by Kai!

“Don’t chase after them ……”

Kai said to Ji Yun!

“Mr. Chen, why? Even if they are spirits, we can’t let these two guys go.”

Ji Yun asked, very puzzled!

“There are already demonic cultivators approaching, and the starting strength is very strong, we have to hurry to leave.”

Kai said!

As soon as they heard Kai say this, everyone gathered around with awe-inspiring expressions!

After all, they knew how powerful Kai’s divine sense was, so if Kai said that a devil cultivator was coming, then it was definitely coming!

And those two demon cultivator spirits kept drifting off into the distance!

Only when they found out that Kai and the others were not coming did they relax!


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