A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2924

The two demonic cultivators hadn’t even thought that all the people trapped inside had escaped, nor would they have thought that there would be an ambush ahead!

Now that the cave had collapsed and none of the spirits had escaped, it was fine for the two of them to capture Kai now and return to hand him over!

The two of them kept locking onto Kai with their divine sense, making it impossible for Kai to escape completely!

Kai’s body slowly fell down, then quickly drew a huge pattern on the snow, before his entire body sat cross-legged in the middle of the pattern!

This was the formation that Kai had laid, and as soon as those two demonic cultivators came, the formation would be activated!

Soon, the two demonic cultivators caught up with him, and when they could see that Kai was sitting on the ground, not the least bit alarmed, they were a bit puzzled!

And just then, with Kai at the centre, the huge formation activated, and a white cold mist rose up into the sky, followed by a demonic beast made of mist that appeared.

Although these demonic beasts were made of mist, they let out a hissing sound, carrying a terrifying aura, each hissing sound shocking the heart!

“Kid, just this little spell formation, you want to stop us two brothers?”

A demonic cultivator laughed disdainfully and instantly grabbed out of thin air, a cold ice lance appeared!

And on top of this lance, there was actually a burst of flame rising up!

You know that ice and fire don’t mix, but in this demon cultivator’s hands, ice and fire are actually compatible together!

“Older brother, go and look around to prevent anyone from being ambushed, leave this kid to older brother!”

The demon cultivator holding the spear sent another person to go scout around!

It could be seen that this demon cultivator was still very cautious!

The other demonic cultivator nodded and casually leapt away, while the demonic cultivator holding the lance launched an attack!

As the lance was nudged, a harsh wind erupted from all around, thousands of wind blades blanketed the sky towards Kai!

One by one, the mist demon beasts hissed and rushed forward, but when they were hit by the wind blades, they were all instantly killed and turned into a cloud of mist again!

Kai’s body hurriedly retreated, dodging the thousands of wind blades!

When the other side saw Kai retreat, the corners of his mouth instantly curled up in triumph as his body turned into a storm and he swiftly struck out!

That demonic cultivator’s body completely stepped into the formation, in his mind, this kind of spell formation that illuminated demonic beasts was not feared in the slightest!

After entering the formation, that demonic cultivator saw Kai’s body retreating rapidly, so the spear in his hand shook in the air, and countless spear splashes were like starlight, completely sealing Kai’s body!

Kai’s body was instantly stabbed and blood gushed out!

Seeing this scene, the demonic cultivator smiled faintly and grabbed Kai’s collar!

“Still trying to escape in my hands, how is that possible ……”

That demonic cultivator had a smug look on his face!

And just then, the other demon cultivator who had gone around to check returned, and the next thing he saw was that his old brother was holding a lance and carrying air in one hand, giggling!

“Older brother …………”

The returning demonic cultivator shouted, the lance-wielding demonic cultivator instantly woke up, followed by the sight of Kai, who was grasped in his hand, but had long since disappeared!

“Illusion formation? This is an illusion formation?”

The lance-wielding demonic cultivator reacted, and immediately afterwards the lance waved, endless flames instantly rose, and the spell formation Kai had laid, in the midst of these flames, slowly disappeared!

“Older brother, this kid’s art of formation is very powerful, let’s not be careless, let’s go together ……”

The other demon cultivator finished speaking, and with a grab out of thin air, a treasure sword appeared!

And the two attacked together towards Kai!

Kai thrust his hands into the ground, followed by a trembling of the earth, and a white chain of aura, directly bound the two men!

Finding themselves bound by the aura chains, the faces of the two demon cultivators became visibly ugly!


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