A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2923

After waiting for everyone else to have escaped from the cave, Kai bit through his finger and took out some yellow talisman paper and drew some special patterns on it with blood!

“Mr. Chen, what are you doing?”

Ji Yun asked, puzzled!

“This is a detonation talisman, I’m going to blow up this cave entrance and completely seal the place off so that those spirits can’t escape!”

Kai said, as he put the drawn talisman on the ice of the cave entrance!

With each one Kai put on, he would lead the men to retreat some distance back!

All the time he saw the light outside, Kai then signalled everyone to run quickly outwards!

As for Kai himself, he flicked his fingers and shouted “Explosion …………” towards the entrance of the cave.

In an instant, the cave, which stretched thousands of meters underground, instantly resounded with a rumbling sound, followed by flames rushing out of the sky!

Kai rushed out of the cave at the last moment, and the entire cave collapsed instantly, sealing those spirits several thousand meters underground once again!

“Kai, are you alright?”

Liu Ruyan asked with concern!

“It’s fine!” Kai smiled faintly and shook his head!

Now that everyone had escaped, they all felt like they had survived the disaster!

Many people thanked Kai, even that old Kong had changed his opinion of Kai and took the initiative to follow him to thank him!

At this time, the two demonic cultivators also seemed to have sensed that something was wrong, so they quickly came this way!

“Those two demonic cultivators are coming, you guys hide first ……”

Kai’s divine sense was powerful and he quickly sensed that the two demonic cultivators were coming!

“Mr. Chen, those two have tricked us, I’ll make sure to break them into pieces.”

Ji Yun said in a huff!

“Yes, we can’t spare them, we have to torture these two devil cultivators to death ……”

Old Kong was also full of anger!

These people were all furious at these two demonic cultivators, they wanted to capture these two and torture them to death!

“You guys leave for now, if we let these two people notice that we all escaped, they will definitely escape.”

“There must be a very large organisation of demon cultivators in this far north, it can’t be just these two.”

“I’ll lure the two of them here, and then you guys will appear while you have the chance.”

Kai explained carefully!

Hearing Kai say this, the crowd then understood that it looked like Kai was trying to find out the demon cultivator organisation behind it!

The crowd all left quickly and then hid, they had to be some distance away!

Otherwise the two demonic cultivators would arrive and detect their scent, and then all their work would be forfeited!

The two demonic cultivators arrived in front of the iceberg and looked at the hole that had collapsed in front of them and were instantly confused!

“What’s going on here ……? Didn’t those spirits come out?”

A demonic cultivator looked at the collapsed hole, his face full of incredulity!

They still wanted to claim credit, but now it was over!

“Who?” Another demon cultivator seemed to have sensed something, a cold glint in his eyes!

“What, did someone get out alive?”

The dumbfounded demon cultivator also reacted and hurriedly looked towards the surroundings!

The two demonic cultivators spread out their divine sense and swept across the four directions, quickly discovering that someone was hiding!

“Come out, we’ve found you ……”

A demonic cultivator said coldly!

“I didn’t expect you two to have left yet, do you want to watch us disappear completely before you leave?”

“It’s just a pity to let you two down ……”

Kai’s figure slowly walked out from the side of the iceberg!

The two were obviously surprised to see Kai still alive!

“I didn’t expect you to be alive, but that’s good, we two brothers just happened to take you away to meet the Demon Ancestor.”

“You brat would our Demon Ancestor to fire, this matter must be clarified before we can do anything.”

A demon cultivator said with a gloomy face!

“With just the two of you, if you can catch me, I will go with you ……”

After Kai finished speaking, his body leapt, instantly taking to the air and disappearing!

“Damn it, still want to run, chase ……”

The two demonic cultivators also leapt up and quickly chased after him!


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