A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2922

Seeing those few spirits scattered on the spot, the other spirits did not dare to make any move!

Kai was holding a devil whip in his hand and said like a herd of cattle, “Break the exit barrier at once!”
“Once the barrier is broken, you will all be free again. ……”
Kai’s words instantly aroused the restless hearts of those spirits, and they all cried out!
They had been sealed for too long and desperately needed their freedom!
After Kai’s words, these spirits swarmed towards the barrier at the entrance of that
These spirits kept pounding the barrier, and although the recoil of the barrier caused many spirits to be sent flying and even shattered their entire souls, these spirits were not the least bit afraid!
Their desire to be free made them keep pounding on the barrier!
As the other people watched this madness of the spirits, they were all staggered.
If this hadn’t been for Kai with his demon-pumping whip, it was estimated that these people would have been overwhelmed by the spirits soon!
Rumble …………
The spirits hit the barrier with a loud sound!
It seemed like the whole iceberg was trembling!
And not far outside, the two demonic cultivators had been watching, and when they heard the loud noise and saw that the iceberg was trembling, they couldn’t help but get a little excited!
“Could it be that the seal has been lifted? Looking at this movement, it looks like the seal has opened and those spirits have been released.”
“It’s possible, if that’s the case, then the two of us will be doing a great service!”
The two longed for the scene where they would be rewarded with the seal!
After all, those people, Kai and the others, had been lured into the cave by the two of them and then absorbed the ice crystal energy!
And at this moment, in the middle of the cave, the barrier, which had been incredibly strong, had cracks in it and was about to collapse!
Kai was holding a demon-drawing whip and was staring at the entrance of the cave, as soon as the barrier disappeared, he would rush through at the first opportunity!
He couldn’t let these spirits really break away from here, if they did, then the whole Land of the Far North would be in chaos!
With so many spirits, there was no telling how many cultivators they would have to possess!
Kai gave Ji Yun, Wajang and Old Sun and the others a look!
These people also understood and nodded their heads with understanding!
The spirits were unaware of this and were still desperately pushing against the barrier, they were all desperate for their freedom!
Rumble …………
At last, the barrier was destroyed by the onslaught of many spirits.
And just as the barrier was destroyed, Kai’s body was like a bolt of lightning, instantly rushing into the cave entrance!
Immediately afterwards, the demon-drawing whip in his hand instantly emitted a glowing light as he viciously lashed forward!
Slap …………
With a crunching sound, several spirits instantly disappeared, and the others rushed backwards!
And at that moment, the tile jar and the others took advantage of the situation and rushed inside the cave entrance!
“Leave a few experts behind to block the cave entrance with me, the others get out quickly ……”
Kai said loudly as he held the demon-drawing whip!
Hearing Kai say this, Old Kong, Old Sun, Zuo Qing and Ji Yun all flowed down!
After all, they were considered the strongest!
Everyone else ran towards the outside of the cave!
Now these people were united in their efforts, and they knew that if they couldn’t hold back these spirits, then the Land of the Far North, and even the Celestial Realm, would be in chaos!
Moreover, they were afraid that these people would also be in danger, after all, when they went out of here, the sky and the sea outside were so vast that even if Kai had the demon-drawing whip in his hand, it would be impossible for him to control so many spirits.
“You dare to deceive us …………”
At this moment , one of the spirits noticed that something was wrong and roared in anger!
Along with the roar of one soul, the other souls followed suit and roared, before charging towards Kai and the others!
They had to rush through the cave and run to the free land outside!
Kai kept waving the demon-drawing whip in his hand!
The others, meanwhile, joined hands to strike out a stream of spiritual energy, which instantly formed a hurricane, blowing those spirits everywhere!

Although this could not hurt the spirits, the hurricane could stop the spirits from attacking!


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