A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2921

Snap …………

With a crisp sound, the spirits that rushed towards Kai were instantly wiped out by the Demon Whip, leaving not even a trace of breath behind!

The demon whip flickered with light, scaring those souls into a corner as they trembled!

You know that these demon cultivators had been tidied up by the whip and later repaired their treasures, and when they died, their souls were sealed!

Now when they saw the Demon Whip in front of them, these spirits instinctively began to tremble in fear!

Kai, who saw this scene, was instantly relieved, he also did not expect that this devil whip was so powerful!

With more and more demon cultivator souls, finally a few souls roared and rushed towards Kai, trying to escape from here!

Seeing this, Kai instantly waved the demon-drawing whip in his hand in mid-air, accompanied by a few crunching sounds and a flash of light!

But those few spirits that had rejoined Kai were directly scattered, leaving nothing behind!

At this moment, all the spirits were honest, originally they thought that after breaking the seal, they would be free!

But they never thought they would still be controlled!

Faced with the Demon Whip, none of the spirits dared to make a move!

“Be good and obedient, whoever dares to play games with me, beware of my whip disowning you!”

Kai finished and snapped the Demon Whip twice, scaring the spirits into trembling and nodding their heads repeatedly!

“Go, go out, line up and go out ……”

Kai said loudly!

Those demon cultivator souls could only line up and walk towards the outside of the palace!

At this moment, the crowd outside had long been waiting a little anxiously, they didn’t know what was going on inside!

Especially Liu Ruyan, who had been worried about Kai’s safety!

“I’m not waiting, I’m going in to see Kai ……”

Liu Ruyan couldn’t wait any longer!

“Miss Liu, it’s all demonic Qi inside now, rushing in with your strength is no different from seeking death, I’m sure Mr. Chen will be fine.”

“Besides, he has the demon-drawing whip in his hand, it won’t be dangerous.”

The tile jar stopped Liu Ruyan from rushing in!

Just then, the palace doors slowly opened, only to see hordes of spirits slowly walking out!

Seeing this scene, everyone tensed up and kept backing away, clutching their weapons tightly in their hands!

Just as the crowd was about to follow these spirits and fight for their lives, Kai’s figure appeared at the end!

“All line up, don’t mess around ……”

Kai said loudly!

All of these spirits lined up obediently, without any chaos!

Seeing this scene, everyone was surprised, they couldn’t understand how these spirits really listened to Kai’s words.

Just then, a few spirits saw the direction of the cave entrance and leapt up violently, flying towards it!

As long as they escaped, even if Kai had the Demon Whip, there was nothing to fear!

But just as a few spirits flew to the entrance of the cave, they were knocked back by a force!

Only at this moment did they realise that there was a barrier at the entrance of the cave!

Before these few escaping souls could react, Kai’s Demon Whip had already struck!

Slap slap slap …………

A few whips in quick succession, and those few spirits disappeared instantly!

It was as if they had never existed!

“Holy shit, what kind of weapon is this, how can it be so powerful?”

“God, is this an immortal weapon?”

Seeing the Demon Draw Whip in Kai’s hand, many people were in shock!

Even if a spirit had no physical body and its strength had decreased, it wasn’t that it didn’t have any strength at all, even Old Kong and the others, who were at the eighth rank of the Combined Body realm, didn’t dare to say that they could kill a few spirits so easily!

However, Kai relied on the whip in his hand, and with a few whips, the soul spirits actually disappeared straight away.

So it seemed that the whip in Kai’s hand was definitely not an ordinary object!

Yet not many people knew about the Demon Whip, only Wajang and Liu Ruyan knew about it!

Even Gao Qijie had never heard his elder brother mention the Demon Whip!


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