A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2920

“Kid, are you crazy, we can still live for a while now, and you still want to release the sealed demon cultivator spirits, isn’t that letting us die right away?”

“That’s right, such a small place, when the time comes, we have no place to practice hiding, and those demon cultivator spirits have died once, they are not afraid at all!”

“I don’t agree, it’s joking with our lives, and how can you guarantee that the demon cultivator spirits will listen to you?”

The crowd disagreed, accusing Kai!

But Tile Tank and Liu Ruyan were supporting Kai, while that Ji Yun was wavering from side to side, after all, releasing those demon cultivator residual spirits would be life-threatening.

“Now we only have this one way to try, if not, then we will have to wait for death ……”

Kai said coldly!

“I agree, I believe you ……”

Old Sun sided with Kai at this point!

“I agree too, it’s better to try than to wait for death ……”

Gao Qijie led the Gao family and also sided with Kai!

This, together with Ji Yun siding with Kai!

Kai had the majority of people agreeing at once, and seeing this situation, Old Kong and Zuo Qing could not say anything else.

“According to what you said, we need to absorb our divine consciousness in order to make the essence blood of the Ice Spirit Beast appear inside this ice coffin!”

“Now which one of us is going to take the initiative to have that ice crystal absorb divine consciousness?”

Old Kong asked!

After all, it’s hard to recover from divine sense damage, so no one is willing to take the power of their divine sense and contribute!

“No one needs to, this seal is about to be broken, I’ll be enough on my own, you all hide outside the palace!”

Kai said!

Once they heard that Kai was coming by himself, even more no one objected, they all walked outside the ice palace, while Liu Ruyan looked at Kai with worry.

“You have to be careful, don’t get into trouble, or else how can I live ……”

Liu Ruyan clutched Kai’s hand!

“Don’t worry, I have the demon whip in my hand, those demon cultivator spirits can’t hurt me.”

Kai said with a faint smile!

After Liu Ruyan also went out, Kai leapt up, followed by pressing one hand firmly on top of an ice crystal!

Without waiting for the ice crystal to absorb his divine sense, Kai channeled the vast power of his divine sense towards the ice crystal!

Kai’s sea of consciousness was so vast that the power of his divine sense was also enormous!

As he absorbed Kai’s divine sense power, the blood inside the five ice coffins below began to grow!

Then they all squirmed and flowed out of the ice coffins, finally condensing into essence blood and dripping down onto the patterns!

About two hours later, the sealed patterns below finally began to move, shining with light and making a thumping sound!

At this moment, the people outside, hearing the movement inside, were all ready to fight to the death if Kai couldn’t control these demon cultivator spirits!

Everyone’s heart was in their throat, this was a matter of their survival, many of them had cold sweat on their foreheads!

Rumble …………

With a deafening sound, the entire cave began to shake, only to see a roiling black mist filling the palace!

Countless demon cultivator spirits swarmed out of the seal! These spirits were like wild horses that had been sealed for too long and had just rushed out, hissing!

Listening to the hissing of these spirits, the crowd’s scalps exploded!

Those spirits in the palace, after appearing, headed straight for Kai, they had to find a host in order to continue surviving!

Or find pills and herbs that could reshape their physical bodies, otherwise they would remain in the form of spirits!

Seeing this, Kai instantly took out the Demon Whip from his storage ring and fiercely smacked it down towards the oncoming spirits!


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