A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2919

Inside the underground cave!

Kai and the others still hadn’t figured out a way to leave, they were trapped here all the time, and they felt physically and mentally exhausted!

Even if they didn’t absorb the energy of the ice crystals, their divine sense was still being absorbed and consumed, just at a slower pace!

Inside the five ice coffins, the blood of the ice beast was writhing towards the outside of the ice coffins!

“Are we just going to wait for death like this?”

Old Kong got a little anxious and shouted!

“Shall not die, what can you do? We’re all trapped here now, and you’re not the only one who’s in a hurry!”

Old Sun contradicted Old Kong!

The three of them were the strongest now, so the others didn’t dare to speak up!

“Damn it, I should have known better than to come in, it’s all your fault, you were the one who suggested looking for the treasure in the first place.”

Old Kong started complaining about Old Sun!

“I suggested it, you could have not come ah, you are more active than anyone, now you are trapped, you are complaining about me.”

Old Sun said discontentedly!

Soon, the two were about to fight, and Zuo Qing hurriedly intervened to make peace!

This moment of waiting for death was the most unbearable and stressful time!

Kai studied the pattern carefully, and was desperately trying to think of a way out!

But the exit was sealed, and there was no way to open it with their strength!

If they forced it open, it was possible that they would all be injured by the repercussions!

But if they waited here, their consciousness would be absorbed and they would become the living dead!

Just as the crowd was at a loss, another drop of blood flowed out of the ice coffin and slowly dripped down onto the pattern!

The pattern began to glow and soon faded again, but the bright red eyes were getting brighter and brighter!

Kai felt that the Demon Whip in his storage ring had started to move again!

As long as the Demon Whip moved, it was proof that there was demonic energy.

But there were no more demonic cultivators among them, and the demonic aura on Kai himself had long since fused into the power of the three races, not to mention that the Demon Whip did not react to the demonic aura on Kai!

“Mr. Chen, this seal might be about to break, I guess those demon spirits that were sealed are about to rush out.”

Ochre Yan said to Kai!

Kai’s brow furrowed deeply, if those demon cultivator spirits appeared, even if they were spirits, in this small place, they would cause fatal damage to them!

“Do you have a way to stop the spirit spirits from breaking through the seal?”

Kai asked as he turned to Ochre Yan!

“There’s nothing I can do, this is beyond my ability.”

Ochre Yan hurriedly shook his head!

“Can we just watch and wait for death?”

Kai sighed!

“Mr. Chen, there’s actually nothing wrong with these demon cultivator spirits breaking through the seal, you can use these spirits to break through the barrier at the entrance of the cave, won’t you be saved that way?”

Ochre Amazing said!

“How can those demon cultivator spirits listen to me, it’s good that these spirits don’t make a move on me, how can they still want to listen to my command!”

Kai couldn’t command these demonic cultivator spirits!

Although they had become spirits, they still had a consciousness, only that they had no body and their strength had decreased a lot!

“Mr. Chen, have you forgotten the Demon Whip?”

“Back then, the ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan was able to control so many demon cultivators with the Demon Whip to build the treasure, so how difficult would it be for you to control these demon cultivator spirits with the Demon Whip?”

Ochre Yan knew that Kai didn’t know much about the Demon Whip yet, so he often forgot about the existence of the Demon Whip!

When Kai heard this, he instantly lit up and said, “Yes, I can use the Demon Whip to control these demon cultivator spirits. ……”

Kai also felt that this was a good idea, so he was happy!

But when Kai told the crowd about the plan, he was met with opposition!

Because Kai didn’t tell them about the Demon Whip!


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