A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2918

The Land of the Far North, inside a palace in mid-air!

Inferno Demon was sitting on a high precious chair, looking down at Linglong in front of him!

And beside Inferno Demon, a girl dressed in white was standing silently, without the slightest expression on her face, just like a puppet!

If Kai had seen this girl, he would have gone mad with excitement, for this girl was Su Yuqi, whom he had searched so hard for!

“Master, I have found the Inferno Demon Body, the other party is only possessed by a soul spirit, and her strength has not yet fully recovered.”

“I have already explained, after the other party has adapted to the new body, then come back to Master to wield the effectiveness.”

“Moreover, according to the report from our men, among those cultivators who were enticed at the Underground God Altar this time, there is actually someone who possesses our Supreme Fire, we just don’t know the identity of this person yet!”

Linglong reported carefully, and kept his eyes sneaking towards Su Yuqi!

“A human cultivator that actually possesses our Demon’s Supreme Flame, it’s really a bit strange, go and check this matter properly, and if you can, bring that guy to me.”

“The divine altar seal should be opened soon now, by then the souls of the Demon army will see the light of day again, by then the entire land of the extreme north will be under our Demon race.”

Inferno Demon said with a look of excitement!

“Master, when our Inferno Demon lineage grows stronger, the other demon clans will definitely also attach themselves to us.”

“In that case, Master will be the supreme demon clan, the saviour of the demon clan, a figure who will leave a legacy of great achievements in the demon clan.”

“I believe that even after 10,000,000 years, Master’s deeds will still be passed down among the devil race.”

Linglong praised Yan Mo, patting him on the back and making him feel good!

Who doesn’t like flattering?

“Hahahaha, as long as our Demon Race is revitalised, you will all be credited as well, all of you will be rewarded.”

Inferno laughed, longing to leave this cage and travel the entire Celestial Realm!

Seeing that Yan Di was happy, Ling Long hurriedly asked, “Master, I wonder what kind of woman you are with? How come I don’t feel the aura of our Inferno Demon clan from her?”

Linglong had been curious about Su Yuqi’s identity from the start, and the fact that she was also standing next to Inferno Demon made Linglong very worried!

If Inferno Devil was training a female disciple, then her position would be threatened, so Linglong wanted to know just what Su Yuqi’s identity was!

“It’s just a human cultivator with very low strength, I came across it by chance on the road and saved it.”

Inferno said indifferently!

“A human cultivator? With a very low cultivation level?”

“I wonder why Master saved her? Don’t you hate human cultivators very much?”

Linglong didn’t understand why Inferno Demon had saved Su Yuqi!

“This girl follows other human cultivators differently, she is a fire spirit body, the best spirit body to cultivate our Supreme Fire, not inferior to that Inferno Demon body.”

“Such a spiritual body, if it can be used by us, it can bring us great help.”

“If that Inferno Demon Body and the Fire Spirit Body can be combined again, our Inferno Demon clan can be revitalised just around the corner!”

The Inferno Demon said excitedly!

“Master, this woman is a human cultivator, how could she possibly listen to us?”

Linglong asked!

At this moment, Linglong had a sense of crisis, Su Yuqi was a fire spirit body, she would definitely be taken seriously!

“She has lost her memory, and I will slowly re-instill her mind, by then she will think she is one of our demon clan.”

Inferno said with a smile!

“Oh!” Linglong looked a little lost.

Inferno Demon could see Linglong’s loss and said “Linglong, you have followed me for many years, no one can take your place, you are still the one I value the most.”

“Take care of the things I explained, go ……”

When Linglong heard this, he nodded happily “As you command ……”


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