A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2913

As Ji Yun struck out, others also struck out, blocking the devastatingly cold air!

But even with all of them, they could only block it for a moment, and soon their defences were overwhelmed!

“The remnants of this Ice Spirit Beast are all so powerful, it’s terrifying ……”

Wajang said with a gloomy face!

Everyone else was also worried, if there was no way to deal with the remnant soul of this ice spirit beast, then they would all die here!

“We’re holding on, don’t get discouraged, this is just a remnant soul of the Ice Spirit Beast, it definitely won’t last, this guy should run out of power soon!”

Liu Ruyan comforted everyone!

Everyone knew that even if they complained, it was useless, they had to resist or they would all turn into ice sculptures!

“Where’s Mr. Chen?”

At this time, Ji Yun, the array on his body was counted as completely lost, and he found that there was surprisingly no figure of Kai!

When Ji Yun said this, the others also rushed to look, and indeed there was no sign of Kai!

“He couldn’t have run away, could he?”

Shi Tieqiao blurted out, but just as he finished speaking, he felt he had said the wrong thing and shut his mouth!

“There’s no way Mr. Chen would abandon us and run away on his own, not to mention Miss Liu is still there, could it be that he doesn’t even want his own wife.”

Wajang simply didn’t believe that Kai would run away on his own!

Even if he had fled, there was no way he would not even want Liu Ruyan!

Liu Ruyan’s face instantly turned red when she heard what Tile Tank said, but she was very happy in her heart, she herself had wanted to be Kai’s wife for a long time!

“Look, Mr. Chen ……”

Ji Yun suddenly shouted out!

The crowd hurriedly tilted their heads to look, and found that Kai, not knowing when, had already reached behind the remnants of that Ice Spirit Beast, holding the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, which was still burning with a blazing to fire!

The remnant soul of the Ice Spirit Beast, seemingly not yet aware of Kai’s presence, was still waving out bursts of cold Qi towards the few people in front of him.

Several people knew that Kai was behind the remnant soul of the Ice Spirit, so they came to their senses and kept warding off the cold Qi waved out by the remnant soul of the Ice Spirit!

They wanted to create an opportunity for Kai, as long as the opportunity was right, Kai would be able to kill the remnant soul of that Ice Spirit Beast!

Several people joined together and condensed their breath into one place, quickly exploding into a golden orb that not only defeated the cold Qi, but also headed towards the remnants of the Ice Spirit!

Seeing this, the remnant soul of the Ice Beast was enraged, and with two huge claws, two huge ice balls appeared out of thin air, and the space around them was twisted and distorted!

These two ice balls went straight for the golden orb, and then there was a huge collision, and the ice balls shattered, turning into a head full of wind and snow, enveloping several people!

At that very moment, Kai held the Dragon Chopper Sword and stabbed it directly towards the remnant soul of the Ice Beast!

The fire temperature of the Dragon Slashing Sword also caused the Ice Beast to notice the danger and turn its head to look at it, followed by a mouthful of icy cold air!

This mouthful of ice-cold Qi caused the surrounding air to freeze instantly, turning it into a white blanket!

But at that moment, Kai had already arrived in front of him, and the cold air instantly turned into steam when it touched Kai’s supreme fire!

As the crowd watched, Kai pierced through the icy cold Qi and arrived in front of the remnant soul of the Ice Spirit Beast, and ruthlessly stabbed his Dragon Slashing Sword into the body of the remnant soul of the Ice Spirit Beast!

The supreme fire on the Chopping Dragon Sword burned fiercely ……

The ice beast soul is not solid, if you simply use the dragon chopping sword to attack physically, there is no way to kill the ice beast soul, let alone kill it, even if it is not even wounded!

But this fire is different, even if the remnant soul is under this fire, it will be instantly destroyed in smoke!


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