A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2912

Hearing Kai say this, no one was talking, they could only carry on below, looking rudely at the several huge ice coffins in front of them!

“Kai, look, is there blood inside this ice coffin?”

At this moment, Liu Ruyan seemed to have found something inside one of the ice coffins, and shouted to Kai!

Kai hurriedly went over, and indeed, within the ice coffin, he found wisps of blood, which were so thin that if he didn’t look closely, he wouldn’t be able to find them at all!

The strands of blood seemed to be wriggling, as if they were alive!

When Kai saw this, he hurriedly pressed his hand gently on top of the ice coffin, and at once a wave of icy cold air rushed directly into Kai’s body, and Kai couldn’t help but shiver!

The whole arm started to frost up so fast that it was like it was going to freeze on that ice coffin!

“Mr. Chen, this is thousand year old cold ice, you must not touch it for a long time or you will be frozen ……”

Seeing this, the tile jar hurriedly tried to step forward and pull Kai away!

“Don’t move me ……”

Kai stopped the tile jar, and then a supreme fire began to coalesce on his palm, and the palm that was originally frozen, now slowly melted!

Kai performed the Heart Condensation Technique, and his palm instantly emitted a huge suction force, only to see the blood threads inside the ice coffin, surprisingly being sucked by Kai began to emerge towards the outside of the ice coffin.

These blood threads broke through the ice coffin and then hovered in mid-air. Kai tried to grab these blood threads, but he could not!

Kai did the same thing and sucked all the other blood threads out of the ice coffin!

Soon a mass of blood threads came together, twisting and turning, forming a blood ball!

Since they looked up at the blood ball, their expressions were all very surprised!

Because from this blood mass, an icy aura was emitted that almost froze everyone!

“This can’t be the blood of an Ice Spirit Beast, can it? It might turn into an ice spirit beast, then we’ll be in trouble ……”

Wajang said with great concern!

But just as Kai’s words fell, the blood mass suddenly exploded, instantly forming a blood mist, and within this blood mist, the silhouette of an Ice Spirit Beast slowly appeared!

“Ice Spirit Beast, Ice Spirit Beast …………”

Seeing that ice spirit beast, Wajang instantly turned pale with fear!

Everyone else was also nervous, while Liu Ruyan hid behind Kai!

“No need to be nervous, this is just a virtual shadow, it doesn’t have too much strength, we can completely deal with it ……”

Kai reassured Liu Ruyan, in fact he was also saying it to Tile Jar and Ji Yun and the others!

“Tile jar, you’re such a crow’s mouth, what you say comes to you ……”

Liu Ruyan complained to Tile Jar!

Tile jar was also embarrassed, he was just saying it casually, but he didn’t expect that this was really the blood of the Ice Spirit Beast, and that it had transformed into a remnant of the Ice Spirit Beast!

Even though it was a remnant, several people felt the danger and retreated backwards!

The remnant of the Ice Spirit Beast raised its proud head and swept its gaze across the crowd with a stern and domineering gaze!

At this moment, all the others were on the roof of the palace, meditating with their eyes closed, absorbing the ice crystal energy, and none of them noticed that the remnant of the Ice Spirit Beast had appeared below!

Only the two demonic cultivators had been watching the developments below!

The ice beast’s huge claws tapped on the ground, and instantly, endless cold air, splitting the sky, rushed towards Kai and the others, like a huge wave, sweeping in all directions ……

The air around them froze, and Kai and the others were shivering, their bodies covered in frost!

Seeing this, Ji Yun casually pulled out a formation plate and threw it in front of the crowd, a transparent barrier instantly appeared, blocking the burst of cold air!

Unfortunately, it was only blocked for a few seconds before the barrier instantly shattered!

Ji Yun immediately threw another array disc to block it, even if he could block it for a second, it would do!

I could tell that Ji Yun, the rich kid, wasn’t afraid to spend money at all!


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