A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2911

“Damn, there’s nothing here, since there’s no treasure, then the corpse of this ice spirit beast should not be worth much, then I’ll take the corpse away.”

Old Kong cursed angrily, and then slapped his palm at the ice coffin!

Since there were no other treasures, then this rare ice spirit giant beast corpse must also be a very good resource, it was possible that there were still beast pills inside these ice spirit giant beasts!

But Old Kong’s strength of the eighth grade of the Harmony Realm, when he slapped his palm on the ice coffin, the ice coffin didn’t even move, not even a single crack appeared!

One must know that these were made of ice, how could they be so strong?

“Old Kong, did you just fetch the Ice Ant Beast Beast Pill and get so tired that you don’t have the strength, how come you can’t even open an ice coffin?”

Zuo Qing mocked at Old Kong.

“Humph, I just didn’t exert myself, it’s just an ice coffin, I still can’t open it ……”

Old Kong said, and once again stored up his strength to slap down a palm!

This palm down, or failed to open this ice coffin, this time the old Kong’s face hard to see the extreme!

“This is a thousand years of cold ice, general cultivators simply can not hit, can use a thousand years of cold ice as ice coffin, then this person’s strength must be very terrifying!”

Gao Qijie spoke up at this point!

Although he did not know the ice beast inside the ice coffin, Gao Qijie could see the material used in the ice coffin at a glance!

The ice coffin was made of thousand-year-old cold ice, so hard that no Harmonious Body realm cultivator would be able to shake it a bit!

Old Kong was discouraged when he heard Gao Qijie’s words. Since he couldn’t even move the ice coffin with his strength of the eighth grade of the Harmonious Body realm, the others could not even think about it!

After all, he was the only one with the highest strength here, the others were all lower than him, so they couldn’t even open the ice coffin!

“Damn, wouldn’t it be a waste to come in and get two beast pills, and not see any bullshit treasure ……”

Old Kong cursed angrily with dissatisfaction!

The others were also very unhappy, originally thought there were treasures in this palace, but after entering, there was nothing but five ice coffins!

The ice coffins could not be opened, and even the corpse of the ice beast could not be taken away!

Just when the crowd was depressed and thinking of leaving, suddenly one of the two demon cultivators said, “Everyone, you’re only focusing on the ice coffins, have you noticed that those colourful ice crystals are the best cultivation resources!”

“I just tried it quietly, the energy inside those ice crystals is very pure, it can increase the cultivation speed, although it is not as good as the ice spirit fragments, but it is still a hundred times stronger than spirit stones ……”

The man said, his body slowly floated up and approached those ice crystals and began to absorb the energy within them!

Hearing this man, the others instantly became interested and all leapt up and floated to the top of the tall palace as well.

Some tried to reach out and take the ice crystal away, but no matter what they did, it didn’t move at all!

In this way, they could only absorb it here, and it was impossible to take it out!

Soon, they were all suspended at the top of the palace, greedily absorbing the energy within the ice crystal!

Even Gao Qijie leapt up with the Gao family, absorbing energy continuously!

But Kai didn’t move, and he told Tile Jar and Ji Yun not to absorb the energy inside the ice crystal!

Kai kept watching the two demon cultivators, although they were also absorbing the energy of the ice crystal, he always felt as if they were not concentrating and kept secretly watching the crowd!

“Mr. Chen, are we really not going to absorb the energy within that ice crystal?”

Vaalgar asked, somewhat unable to resist!

“Don’t move, I always feel a bad premonition, and there are devil cultivators here, it’s better for us to be careful when we don’t know what the devil cultivators are trying to do.”

Kai whispered!


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