A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2910

I don’t know how long it took, but the fog was getting smaller and smaller, and although many of them had gotten their hands on the beast elixir, they had also expended a considerable amount of physical strength!

Some of them were even injured, and it was obvious that their overall strength had dropped quite a bit!

“Now that those clumps of fog have disappeared, can we enter the palace now ……”

Gao Qijie asked to Kai!

“Wait a minute ……”

Kai still stopped Gao Qijie!

“Always waiting, always waiting, what exactly are you waiting for?”

Gao Qijie didn’t understand what exactly Kai was waiting for!

Instead of answering, Kai quietly watched the two demonic cultivators!

As long as they went in, Kai would follow them in, and if the two of them didn’t go in, Kai wouldn’t go in either!

There would definitely be dangers in this palace, and it was obvious that these two demonic cultivators seemed to be familiar with this place!

At this moment, someone had already entered the palace and let out a gasp of amazement from inside the palace!

Those outside couldn’t help but enter as well when they heard that gasp of awe.

Soon, apart from Kai and the others, everyone else had already walked in. Seeing this, those two demonic cultivators looked at each other, and then also walked towards the palace!

“This palace is so beautiful, but it is the location of the treasure, if we go late we are afraid that we won’t get anything ……”

The two men said as they quickly ran towards the palace!

When Kai saw this, he waved his hand and said, “Come on, let’s go in too …………”

Kai led the crowd into the palace as well!

When they entered the palace, Kai was stunned by the scene before them!

The five huge ice coffins were placed in the middle of the palace!

The five ice coffins were not all at once, but in a circle, and within the circle of ice coffins, there was a bizarre design painted in blood red, as if it was painted in blood!

And inside these five huge ice coffins, all of them held the corpse of a huge monstrous beast, the corpse was as vivid as if it was asleep!

“The Ice Beast, this is the Ice Beast …………”

Seeing the monstrous beast corpse inside the ice coffin, Wajang suddenly yelled out in excitement!

“The Ice Spirit Beast?” Kai frowned slightly!

If this was the location of the treasure, how could there be so many corpses of ice spirit beasts?

And where was that treasure?

Although the palace was very huge, a glance at it showed the whole picture, there was no treasure hidden at all!

“Is this the Ice Spirit Beast?”

Gao Qijie was also full of excitement and went up to look carefully at the corpse of the Ice Spirit Beast inside the ice coffin!

He had never seen an Ice Spirit Beast before, he had only heard of it!

He had heard that the ice beast lived thousands of metres below the ice and would never come to the surface, so very few people had seen it!

“I’ve also seen it in an ancient book, and this is what the Ice Spirit Beast looks like, except that five Ice Spirit Beasts appear here at once, and they’re also sealed in ice coffins, what the hell is going on here?”

“Could this really be the treasure place of our Ancient Body Refining Clan?”

Wajang couldn’t believe it, the ancestors of the Ancient Body Refining Clan in the past were able to kill five Ice Spirit Giant Beasts, this was simply impossible!

Kai examined the five ice coffins before finally placing his gaze on the bright red pattern!

The pattern looked like a formation, but it didn’t want to, and Kai found that he had no way of using his divine sense to probe it out!

“This place looks more like an altar to me?”

Old Sun walked over and whispered!

Five ice spirit beasts were used as sacrifices, then surrounded by them, and the blood-red pattern in the middle was some sort of ritual for the altar.

“What on earth is it? Going to all the trouble of making an altar here? What are they going to sacrifice again?”

Kai was puzzled, there were no other treasures here apart from these things!

What kind of person, would come thousands of metres under the ice to make an altar?


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