A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2909

Just as Gao Qijie’s words fell, he saw that Old Kong and Zuo Qing, had leapt up and headed towards a cloud of mist!

Seeing this, the other cultivators also shot towards the mist!

Of course they couldn’t let it go, they had risked their lives to come to the extreme north to find treasures, just to get resources and treasures!

Gao Qijie was also excited to lead his men to search for beast pills in that mist, but he was stopped by Kai!

Gao Qijie looked at Kai in disbelief, wondering why Kai was stopping him!

Many people, now, had started to follow those fogs and tremble over!

After stopping Gao Qijie, Kai then looked back and found two people, who hadn’t moved since the beginning, as if they weren’t interested in the beast pellet!

Even when they had just come across the palace and many people were excitedly running towards the palace, these two did not move anywhere!

“Two fellow Daoists, why don’t you go look for the beast pills in the mist?”

Kai smiled lightly and asked the two!

“The two of us are of low strength, we cannot deal with those foreign beasts that are illusions of mist, even if we know there are beast pills, we don’t dare to move.”

One of them, said with a bitter laugh!

“Right, our strength is too low, we don’t dare to go!”

The other one also followed and echoed!

Kai, on the other hand, quietly surveyed the two, and a divine sense instantly enveloped them!

One must know that it was very taboo for cultivators to use their divine sense to probe each other so blatantly, and it might lead to a fight!

After all, no one would want to be spied on with their divine sense for no reason at all!

But these two people acted indifferently in the face of Kai’s divine sense probing, as if they didn’t know!

However, while Kai was probing them with his divine sense, the Demon Whip in Kai’s storage ring kept moving differently!

The reason why Kai was probing these two people in such a blatant manner was to provoke them into beating them, so that if they struck out at themselves, then they could tell from their scent if they were demon cultivators!

After all, no matter how well they hid, when they fought, they would accidentally reveal their demon aura!

Unless these two people weren’t demon cultivators, they wouldn’t have a demon aura!

But Kai had used his divine sense to probe for half a day, but the two men were indifferent, while Kai was not sure that these two men were demon cultivators!

At this moment, in Kai’s consciousness, Ochre Yan said, “Mr. Chen, these two people are demon cultivators ……”

When Kai heard this, he was slightly stunned and said “How do you know that?”

Kai himself used his divine sense to probe and failed to find out, now Ochre Yan was just a wisp of soul, parasitic in his own sea of consciousness, how could they know that the other party was a devil cultivator?

“When you used your divine sense to probe the two of them, I sensed that they were both disciples of the Inferno Demon lineage.”

“Because they are from the same clan and lineage as me, I could sense it, if they were devil disciples from other clan lines, I wouldn’t have been able to sense it!”

Ochre Yan followed Kai and explained!

As soon as Kai heard this, he understood that the two people in front of him were demon disciples of the Inferno Demon lineage!

At this moment, Kai recalled the scene where he used the Supreme Fire to save Gao Qijie and Old Sun.

Then these two people must have seen it too, and there was no way that they didn’t recognise the Demon Clan’s Supreme Flame!

Kai stared intently at the two for a while, before finally turning around and leaving, not revealing them!

Kai wanted to see what these devil cultivators were up to by following them quietly!

At this time, from time to time, people were getting beast pills from the mist and cheering loudly with joy!

Gao Qijie was envious of them, but Kai was blocking them and wouldn’t let him take action!

After all, Kai had saved his life, so Gao Qijie couldn’t disobey Kai at all!


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