A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2908

Just as Kai approached the fog, a hissing sounded from within the fog, which instantly twisted and turned into a multi-legged beast.

As the beast’s mouth opened, a cloud of cold air instantly enveloped Kai, who instantly dropped his body with a jackknife, causing it to fall rapidly!

Just as the beast’s attention was drawn to Kai, Ji Yun and Lao Sun appeared, one on the left and one on the right!

Both of them attacked the beast at the same time, turning their vast spiritual energy into thousands of palm prints, slapping at the beast’s body!

Unfortunately, these palm prints did not cause any damage to the beast!

These foreign beasts were all illusions of mist and had no body at all, so no matter how much power they had, they were useless!

Ji Yun and Old Sun faintly froze, but just as they did!

The foreign beast hissed and came straight at the two of them, while gusts of cold air kept spewing out of its mouth!

As they were about to be enveloped by the cold air, Kai suddenly appeared!

With an indignant swing of his Zenglong Sword, Kai saw a barrier of fire appear.

The cold Qi met the Supreme Fire and bared a sound, raising a large amount of smoke!

Kai held his sword and headed straight for the beast!

In an instant, Kai took the Dragon Cutting Sword and actually charged straight into the beast’s body!

Right after Kai entered the beast’s body, the beast, which was still in shape, turned back into a cloud of mist!

And Kai was wrapped in the mist, but did not come out!

Seeing this, Ji Yun and Old Sun were all stunned, they didn’t expect Kai to be so fierce!

“Kai …………”

“Mr. Chen …………”

Seeing Kai suddenly disappear, wrapped in that fog and not appearing, Liu Ruyan and Wajang shouted anxiously!

At this moment, everyone was quietly looking up!

Ji Yun and Old Sun didn’t dare to go near that mist easily either, and even more so, they didn’t dare to make a move for fear of hurting Kai in the mist!

Just as the crowd waited dumbfounded, not knowing what to do, the mist began to stir!

It seemed like it was struggling, and soon the mist slowly faded and eventually disappeared completely!

As the fog disappeared, Kai’s body hovered silently in mid-air!

“Kai …………”

When Liu Ruyan saw Kai, she leapt directly towards him!

When Kai saw this, he hurriedly came towards Liu Ruyan “Don’t go near here …………”

You know, around the palace, there are many such clouds of fog, if you get close you will be attacked!

Kai stopped Liu Ruyan and landed back on the ground!

Ji Yun and Old Sun also rushed over to follow.

“Mr. Chen, are you alright?”

“Little brother, are you alright ……”

Ji Yun and Old Sun both asked with concern!

Everyone else, too, gathered around, wanting to see if Kai was alright!

“I’m fine ……”

Kai smiled and shook his head, then he opened his hand, and a transparent, crystal clear, ice crystal like beast pellet appeared in Kai’s palm!

Seeing this kind of beast pellet, many people’s eyes widened, full of incredulity!

Only Wajang and Gao Qijie and the others weren’t very surprised!

“Little brother, what is this thing? It’s so crystal clear, could it be that those mists just turned into foreign beasts because of this thing?”

Old Sun asked curiously!

“This is the beast dan of an ice ant beast, it lives under the deep ice layer all year round and feeds on cold qi, it’s hard to see and catch.”

“I don’t know why, how can there be this Ice Ant Beast’s beast pellet within this fog?”

Wajang said with some curiosity.

“Obviously, these Ice Ant Beasts were killed by someone, took out the beast pellets, and then set them up, which should be to stop people from entering the palace, right?”

Kai said indifferently!

“This Ice Ant Beast Beast Dan is worth a lot of money, I didn’t think there would be a ready-made beast dan here, how wonderful ……”

Gao Qijie said excitedly!


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