A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2907

After a few moments rest, the group continued on their way!

This time Kai still took the lead, while the others followed behind Kai by default, after all, no one wanted to take any more risks!

After another hour or so of travelling, Kai had no idea how far they had gone into the underground ice!

But soon it became clear up ahead, and a palace made of ice blocks appeared before the group’s eyes!

And all around the palace, there was this unusual aura that turned into a thick fog, making the palace appear as if it were hidden!

“It’s spectacular, this must be the location of the real treasure ……”

“Fantastic, I can’t believe that the treasure of the Ancient Body Refining Clan is so magnificent!”

“I wonder, what treasures are inside this palace, hurry up and take a look inside ……”

Some people already couldn’t be patient and started to frantically run towards the palace!

Seeing this, Gao Qijie also took the subordinates of the Gao family and was about to run inside the palace, but was stopped by Kai with a hand

“Don’t move yet, I feel that things are not that simple ……”

Kai said to Gao Qijie!

“What else is not simple? Can’t you see that those people are already starting to enter the palace? If we go in late, we won’t be able to get anything.”

Gao Qijie said loudly!

“Mr. Chen, are we really not going in? Maybe that treasure is within the palace in front of us.”

Ji Yun was also a little impatient!

“We can’t go in, even if there’s treasure inside, it’s not that easy to get!”

As soon as Kai’s words fell, a hissing sound suddenly rang out, startling the crowd!

The clouds of mist instantly changed into various beasts and began to attack those who rushed into the palace!

Some people had no time to react and were frozen into ice sculptures by the fog beasts!

Seeing this, the others hurriedly retreated backwards, looking at the mass of fog in front of them with some shock!

When Gao Qijie saw this scene, he couldn’t help but wipe his cold sweat, if Kai hadn’t stopped him, he might have suffered too!

Now facing those foreign beasts, no one dared to move first for a while.

“Old Sun, Zuo Qing, the three of us join forces, these illusionary foreign beasts are not enough to be feared, let’s go in ……”

Old Kong couldn’t help but propose!

“Good!” Zuo Qing nodded!

But Old Sun didn’t open his mouth, it looked like he didn’t want to follow the two in the group anymore, after all, the two’s actions had already made him sad!

Now Old Sun was only following Kai, if Kai went in, Old Sun would follow too!

Seeing that Lao Sun didn’t say anything, Lao Kong was a little upset, but in a place like this, he couldn’t say anything!

Kai, on the other hand, was carefully observing the cloud of dense fog, the power of his divine sense constantly penetrating the fog and searching for the origin!

Soon, Kai found a transparent beast dan behind that mass of dense fog, which was wrapped in dense fog!

It was because of these beast pellets that this mass of dense fog had transformed into all sorts of foreign beasts to attack!

Seeing this, the corners of Kai’s mouth lifted slightly, then he said to Old Sun, “Senior, how about you and I join hands to explore this foggy foreign beast?”

“No problem ……”

Old Sun agreed with all his mouth!

“Ji Yun, you come with us, the three of us will do it together, remember, we only deal with one fog, don’t go near the others.”

Kai admonished!

“Okay!” Ji Yun nodded his head!

The reason why Kai had chosen the two of them was because they were the only two with the highest strength, right now Kai didn’t know much about the strength of this fog beast, so he didn’t dare let the others experiment rashly!

Kai took out the Dragon Chopper Sword, while the Dragon Chopper Sword was sprouting a hint of Supreme Fire, against this kind of foreign beast with cold Qi, Supreme Fire was the best thing to use!

“Go to …………”

After Kai spotted a separate cloud of mist, he leapt up and charged!

And Ji Yun and Old Sun followed close behind!


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